How to Insert Videos in WordPress Posts

This article will discuss how to put videos or add videos in WordPress posts. Maybe you already have some videos that you have uploaded to YouTube and now you also want to attach them to posts on your WordPress site.

How to Insert Videos in WordPress Posts
How to Insert Videos in WordPress Posts

How to Insert Videos in WordPress Posts

Steps to Copy Video Code on Youtube

  1. Please visit the YouTube site first or directly access your video channel. Account Login >> clickCreator Studio>>Video Manager.
  2. Then you clickediton one of the videos that you will use.
  3. Right Click inside the video SelectCopy Embed Code.

Steps to Add Video Code to Posts

  1. Please login to your WordPress account.
  2. ClickPosts>>Add New.
  3. Next, you click Text which is above next to Visual. Right click and paste the embed code that you copied from YouTube.
  4. To see the results you click again Visual. It will look a little small in the post. to increase the size, you can change the size to width= “500 ″ andheightt =” 300 ″.
  5. In order to be in the middle position you can add the code <center> and at the end with the </center> code

That’s how to put a video in a WordPress post using the embed code from YouTube. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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