How tInstall Grub Linux Mint Through the Terminal

Install Grub Linux Mint: Grub functions as a boot menu when linux is turned on, we can choose from the menu list provided by the system.

How To Install Grub Linux Mint Through The Terminal

Grub can be updated with updated and installed.

There are two kinds of updates and installs of grub, that is, without a live cd and using a live cd Linux.

When do we need to update grub without a live CD? that is when we have installed dual boot between windows and Linux, but the Windows menu is not detected.

Then we have to update and install the grub. other than that this method can be used when we have resized or moved one partition to another.

But there are times when we have to use a live cd when having problems with grub like rescue grub, Linux doesn’t want to get into grub, well if the problem is like this we have to use the live cd from Linux itself because the grub from Linux that we installed is damaged then we have to replace it with the grub contained in the live cd. how to install it the same as without a live cd.

Here is how to update and install Grub Linux Mint

We will update it first, after that we will install it.

1. Open the terminal

2. Then type: sudo update-grub

3. Enter the admin password and wait for the update process to finish

Now we will install it, this is useful so that the updates we do do not disappear when the computer is turned off

4. Type: sudo install-grub / dev / sda

Note: sda = partition where our linux location is installed.

For example, my linux storage location is in / dev / sda3, then what we take is “sda”, number 3 should not be taken

To find out where our linux location is installed, namely by typing: “Sudo fdisk -l” in the terminal

5. Wait for the grub install process to complete.

Until here the tutorial is complete. I use linux mint, if you have linux other than mint, like ubuntu or elementary os, then using this method might work because you both use the terminal. If successful comment below so that other readers know.

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