List of Best Linux Distros For A Programmer

List of Best Linux Distros – Discussing about text-based operating systems or what is known as Linux, this time I will recommend the best distributions for a programmer, not only that, the list of distros I mentioned below is a distro that is quite popular among the IT world.

List of Best Linux Distros For A Programmer
List of Best Linux Distros For A Programmer

Linux besides being open source can be used for security audits, hacking and pentesting, not only that, many developers and software developers use Linux to accompany their daily activities.

List of Best Linux Distros For A Programmer

1. Kali Linux

This distro has become popular for a long time, besides being often used to make Kali Linux programs, it is also suitable for those of you who like in the security field, this distribution has features that are quite complete and full of power.

2. Manjaro

This operating system was built using Arch Linux, this distro is very suitable to replace your previous operating system, namely Windows, besides being lightweight and very suitable for potato laptop specifications.

3. Ubuntu

who doesn’t know this Linux distro, the ubuntu distro, this one has become popular among programmers and not only that, its simple and pleasing appearance is seen by lovers of the text-based operating system, ubuntu being a popular distro in Indonesia and abroad.

4. Backbox Linux

Backbox has its own software repository and provides stable versions of various system versions and network analysis tools as well as other security audit tools.

5. DracOs

Dracos is an operating system made by the country’s children, this distribution has been widely used in Indonesia from hacking, programming and bug seekers in Indonesia.

In addition to its simple appearance to quite complete tools, it makes DracOS one of the most frequently used operating systems in Indonesia.

Now, I want to try one of the linux distros that I mentioned, especially if you are a programmer, of course, you prefer to use a text-based operating system, plus every Linux distribution has security tools that are quite complete and can also help you to scan for bugs or errors in making coding programs.

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