How To Make Attractive Property Ads Online

This article contains a tutorial on How to make attractive property ads online with the help of online services to create free property pages for property advertising promotions. Renting or selling property is not easy, especially finding buyers. You have to post advertisements on all popular platforms and upload photos and descriptions everywhere and again.

How To Make Attractive Property Ads Online
How To Make Attractive Property Ads Online

Mydoors is a web service that allows you to create the perfect free property page for property ads. With this service, you can create web pages for your property with all the photos and information you want to add.

You can add several photos of the property and mention the facilities along with the property description. And, in a few minutes, you can create attractive property pages with simple URLs that are easy to remember.

This service automatically adds a map on the page to the property location and shows your WhatsApp contacts to help you reach your customers. It’s also online, so you don’t need to download any software or applications. Here’s how to create a Free Property Page for Property Ad Promotion:

How to make attractive property ads online

Creating property pages with Mydoors is very easy and only takes a few minutes. To do that,

  • First, you have to visit the Mydoors website [ from here ] and create an account there and of course, it’s free. You can also register with a Facebook or Google account if you want. After that, you can start creating your Agan page that includes a simple six-step process.
  • In the first step, you must enter a unique name for your property page; as much as possible remain simple and easy to remember.
  • Then, you have to upload photos of the property; at least 5 photos are needed to make the page. If you have a video tour of the property on YouTube, you can add the link and add a video to the page.
  • In the second step, you must add the title and summary of the property. You can also add more information about the property and environment space. The third step of this site is to ask you what type of property you are registering. You get the following options for this:-
    -Secondary Unit
    -Unique Space
    -Bed and Breakfast
    -Boutique Hostel
  • In step four, you must provide information on the property space such as the number of bedrooms, guest rooms, beds and bathrooms.
  • Then, the fifth step of this site asks you about the facilities that you offer.
  • In the sixth and final step, you must enter the property address. This address is used to find your property on the map. You also have to enter your WhatsApp number for contact.

At this point, you can preview your Agan page and if you want to make changes, you can go back to the previous step if needed. If not, just click the ” Confirm ” button to publish the page.

This is a preview of how active property pages look. This shows all the images above followed by the title, location, space, description, facilities, and other information. Your WhatsApp number appears on the right side and is visible throughout the page.

In short: Mydoors is a great service for creating property pages and is completely free to use. After creating a property page, you can send a property page link and do not need to be tired of uploading images and descriptions everywhere repeatedly.

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