How to Play Google Memory Game to Improve Your Memory?

Google Memory Game is one of the games offered by Google in the Santa Tracker program. This game is a classic game that tests your memory skills by matching similar pictures. This game also provides information about Christmas celebration traditions from various countries in the world.

This is how to play Google Memory Game, a game to hone your memory

How to Play Google Memory Game

To start the game , you can visit the Google Santa Tracker website or download the app on your phone. Select the Games menu and search for Google Memory Game. After that, you can choose the level of difficulty you want, from easy, medium, hard, to very hard.

Meanwhile, this game consists of several levels that you have to complete in a limited time. Each level has a different number of cards, and you have to match all the cards that have the same picture.

You can click or tap a card to turn it over and see the image behind it. If you successfully match two of the same cards, they will disappear from the game board. If not, the card will be closed again.

Every time you successfully match two cards, you will get points. The number of points you get depends on the difficulty level and your speed.

You can also get bonus points if you successfully match two cards that have the same image as the flag of the country being celebrated by Google Santa Tracker. You can see the country’s flag in the top right corner of the screen.

Every time you complete a level, you will see information about the Christmas traditions of the country in question. You can read this information to increase your insight into world culture and history. You can also see a world map showing the location of the country.

Benefits of Playing Google Memory Game

Google Memory Game is not only fun, but also useful for sharpening your memory. This game trains your brain to remember different images in a short time. This game also improves your concentration and focus, as well as your ability to recognize patterns and details.

Apart from that, Google Memory Game also gives you knowledge about Christmas celebration traditions from various countries in the world.

You can learn about the world’s cultural diversity and history, and appreciate the differences and similarities between people. You can also feel the warm and joyful Christmas spirit.

So what are you waiting for? Come on, play Google Memory Game right now and sharpen your memory while learning about the world!

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