How to Play Solo Solitaire

Solo solitaire is a card game that you can play by yourself anywhere and anytime. This game not only helps you kill time when you feel bored. It also relaxes your mind and improves your memory and focus. Think of solo solitaire as a card puzzle that keeps your mind active and entertained.

How to Play Solo Solitaire
How to Play Solo Solitaire

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Solo Solitaire

In this post, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to play solo solitaire. You’re going to learn how to set up the tableau, how to move cards, and the rules to follow to win the game.

The Tableau Setup

To play solo solitaire, you will need a standard deck of cards with no jokers. Your first task will be to create the card setup, otherwise known as the tableau. If you are playing solo solitaire online, the website or software you use will generate the card setup for you.

Let’s go over how to build the card setup. Begin by shuffling your cards, then follow the procedure highlighted below. Your card setup should contain 28 cards arranged in seven columns that grow in sequence (counting from the left).

The first column (to the left) has one card, the second one has two, the third one has three, and so forth. Here’s how you create the tableau column-wise:

  • 1st column: deal one card face-up (start from the left).
  • 2nd column: deal two cards with the top one face-up.
  • 3rd column: deal three cards with the top one face-up.
  • 4th column: deal four cards with the topmost face-up.
  • 5th: deal five cards with the top one face-up.
  • 6th: deal six cards with the topmost face-up.
  • 7th: deal seven cards with top one face-up.

Once you build the tableau, transfer the remaining 24 cards to your stockpile, also known as the hand pile. They will come in handy when you have no moves in the card setup. You can draw cards from this pile one at a time or in threes but use only the top card.

The Object of Solo Solitaire

The object of solo solitaire is to move all the cards into the foundation piles. The foundation piles contain four columns, one for each card suit. Grow your foundation pile in ascending order from an ace to king.

Moving Cards in Solo Solitaire

You can move cards in three ways when playing solo solitaire:

  • Moving cards within the card setup

You can move cards in the setup by arranging them in different colors and descending order from a king to an ace. For example, you can transfer a nine of hearts to a ten of clubs or spades. You can’t place the nine of hearts on a ten of hearts or diamonds since they are the same color.

  • Transfer cards from the hand pile to the card setup

When you have no moves on the card setup, you can draw a card from the hand pile and transfer it to the tableau. The card you move should be a different color and a number lower than the one in the tableau.

  • Transfer cards from stockpile and tableau to the foundation piles

The third way to move cards in solo solitaire is from the card setup and hand pile to the foundation piles. Remember that this is the objective of the game. Do this to win.

Rules of Solo Solitaire

  • You can transfer cards from the foundation pile to the tableau if necessary.
  • When you move all cards from a column, you can only start a new pile on that space with a king.

Where to play Solitaire

While you can set up a game of solitaire by yourself, there are many online options where the game is automatically set up for you. This means you can play more games, and when you’re stuck, you can start a new game. Here are some good options to play:

  • – Play their game of the day, and use over 30 thematic decks for extra fun
  • – Enjoy a clean experience of solitaire with their great graphics and gameplay
  • GreenFelt – Try a game of solitaire on one of the first online platforms for card game

Final Remarks

The great thing about solo solitaire is you can play it on your own with a standard deck of cards with no jokers. This game allows you to kill boredom as you unwind from any stresses you may have. Try playing a game or two during your free time. You’ll quickly get the hang of how to play.

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