How To Play Spotify Music On An Alexa Speaker

Do you have an Echo speaker with Alexa and want to play music from Spotify? Nothing’s easier ! To do this, simply link your Spotify account with the Alexa application or connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. We explain how to perform the operation in this quick tutorial!

How to Play Spotify Music on an Alexa Speaker
How to Play Spotify Music on an Alexa Speaker

Wondering how to play songs from Spotify on an Amazon Echo speaker with Alexa ? With over 83 million subscribers, Spotify is the most popular streaming platform on the market. However, Amazon, like Google, has its own streaming solution. In the case of Amazon, it is Amazon Music.

However it is very simple to use Spotify instead – you just have to perform these few simple steps on your smartphone. As an alternative, we offer the method for connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth if you do not have a Spotify Premium subscription.

How to Play Spotify Music on an Alexa Speaker

To be able to use Spotify in this way with Alexa, you must have a Spotify Premium account

Now, as soon as you ask Alexa to play a piece of music, it will be played from Spotify. You can also ask them to read one of your Playlists, includingWeekly Discoveries. You can also stop playback, skip to the next sound, or turn up the volume by just asking.

We recommend that you read our file on the best Alexa controls to get the most out of voice commands for music playback.

In addition, from the moment a song is played from Spotify, you can control the playback and play other songs without voice command, from your computer or smartphone, as long as you use the same Spotify account on these devices and your speaker.

In Spotify, at the bottom of the window, you can also click or touchAvailable devicesand choose your Alexa speaker to play music on it, without using voice commands.

How to use Spotify with Alexa without paying a Spotify Premium subscription

There is currently only one method: connect your smartphone to your speaker using Bluetooth. For it :

  • Make sure the smartphone can be discovered and paired via Bluetooth in the settings
  • Tell your speaker:“Alexa, Bluetooth”
  • Your smartphone is now connected and you can choose your speaker as audio output
  • LaunchSpotifyon your smartphone: it will play on the speaker until you disconnect it

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