How To Put WhatsApp In Dark Mode On Any Mobile

Do you want to have the desired dark mode on your WhatsApp? We show you an effective and universal way to get it on your Android mobile.

How to Put WhatsApp in Dark Mode on Any Mobile
How to Put WhatsApp in Dark Mode on Any Mobile

How to Put WhatsApp in Dark Mode on Any Mobile

There is no more expected feature around WhatsApp than dark mode . This mode, created with a gray interface of dark hue, is in the code of the last betas of the application, but it is impossible to activate since it is an option for internal tests. Wait … Did we say impossible? What’s up, quite the opposite.

As we highlighted recently , the dark mode of WhatsApp is almost complete. It still cannot be activated, but we have found the easiest way to use it. And the best thing is that you can too: without risks and without needing anything special on your phone. If you want to know how, keep reading.

VMOS, the virtual machine that allows you to have ROOT to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp

The only way to activate the development options within WhatsApp is to have ROOT access to manipulate the application code. But do not panic because you will not need any of that:

we will explain a very simple way to skip all obstacles without losing the objective, put the dark mode in WhatsApp .

To carry out the process we will use an application that creates a virtual machine that runs another Android within your Android mobile . This app is VMOS , a secure environment that allows you to do whatever you want without putting your mobile at risk.

As you have imagined, one of its advantages is to activate the ROOT with the press of a button .

Let’s see the whole process: this is what you must do to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp easily.

  • Install the VMOS application from the Google Play Store .
  • Download the WA Tweaker Apk from its website (Download universal APK) and install it (you need to accept the unknown sources).
  • Make sure you installed the latest WhatsApp beta available.
  • Open VMOS and, when it starts (it takes a while to virtualize the system), click on the yellow folder icon.
  • You will see the list of applications installed on your Android mobile, the main system.
  • Click on « WhatsApp » and « WA Tweaker ». Then click on ” Import ” at the bottom of the screen. Both applications will be imported to VMOS virtualized Android.
  • Go to the VMOS settings (lower gear) and enter ” System Setting “. You will access the Android settings.
  • Scroll down to « Phone information ».
  • Click on ” Build number ” ten times .
  • Once you have active development options, enter them and look for the ” ROOT ” options . Activate them and you will have VMOS rooted.
  • Register the VMOS WhatsApp with your phone number . In principle there is no risk of WhatsApp blocking you since the application is original and you are only modifying the hidden settings, but it is not 100% safe . You can also register a second phone number here: you would have both working at the same time. Of course, always act under your responsibility .
  • Open WA Tweaker and click on “Activate dark mode”. Open your WhatsApp and the dark theme button should appear.
  • Doesn’t the button appear? Close WhatsApp completely, set the airplane mode, activate the dark mode from WA Tweaker, open WhatsApp again and remove the airplane mode. Repeat until you leave: there are times that does not happen at the first

This way you can put your WhastApp in dark mode. This will work correctly as long as you have the VMOS virtual machine activated, but this has a major drawback: running an Android within another Android consumes many resources, so you will spend more battery life . Use it at your own risk.

In terms of operation, the dark mode is very well implemented in the settings and options, not so much in the chats . And as you already know how to activate it, you can do it whenever you upgrade to a new beta.

This way you will follow the novelty closely and be ready for when WhatsApp introduces it definitively.

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