How To Read Manga Online For Free [Sites And Applications]

Japanese comics, called Manga, are very common in reading even in Italy … but how to read them for free even from a PC or smartphone?

How to Read Manga Online for Free [Sites and Applications]
How to Read Manga Online for Free [Sites and Applications]

How to read manga online for free

Let’s discover the best online sites and the best apps for Android and iOS!


Manga is a Japanese word for comics, which has become increasingly common in our country. The Manga despite being of Japanese origin are available in many languages ​​including Italian.

Born in a paper version, they are also available in digital form, and since the smartphone has become a fundamental part of our lives, why not use it also to read them?

For this we will go to see the best applications and websites that will allow us to read them in comfort and for free.

I remind you that viewing a scan (scanlation) does not comply with copyright regulations (unless you have a license) and is only allowed if you have the physical copy of this comic.

Best sites to read the Manga

Here is a list of the best websites accessible in Italy for reading Japanese comics for free:

MANGA EDEN: Website among the best around, it contains manga both in Italian and in English (translations and scans).

In this site you will find continuous updates of many Manga. Here you find the site.

NINE MANGA: Site little known but still in Italian and with many manga to read for free, a great alternative to the first site we saw. Available here.

HASTA TEAM: One of the best online forums in Italy for reading Manga, it requires registration but it’s absolutely worth it. You can find it here.

FANFOX: Site in English only but probably one of the most well-provided Manga content websites. Available here.

Best applications to read Manga

Now let’s move on to the mobile section of this guide and let’s discover the best free apps to read the Manga.

The applications that we will see are available for iOS and some for Android:


Application with interface in English between the various features has the possibility of searching through an online database, where there are very many Manga. The application connects to over 30 sites online and allows you to have virtually any manga for free.

The application has many categories including: most popular, recent update and completed.

You can also activate synchronization with iCloud to import favorites, history and downloads.

Absolutely one of the best free apps to read Manga on iOS.

Manga Master | Android

Manga master is an Android app for reading manga for free.

Contains over 24,000 Manga that are updated daily, this app also uses multiple sources to get as many Manga as possible.

The mangas in this app are not translated into Italian, but are in English.

Manga Rock | iOS and Android

Manga Rock is available on both the AppStore and Apk or PlayStore versions for Android.

The application presents Manga in Italian and beyond, taking advantage of 25 different sources.

Inside you’ll find lots of content grouped by categories, interesting the option chosen for you where you can find tips based on what you’ve just read, a bit like Netflix does.

We also have the ability to read in offline mode by downloading the mangas and then resuming them whenever we want.

Other applications

On the Apple and Android stores there are also many other applications (like Manga Toon ), if you think there are other apps that deserve to be in this article leave a comment below!

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