How To Scan Documents With Google Drive

Did you know that Google Drive allows you to crawl? In addition to being Google’s cloud for saving files, it also has interesting utilities like this, so we’ll show you how to scan documents with Google Drive.

How to Scan Documents with Google Drive

If you need to scan a document urgently, but  don’t have a scanner at home  to do it, don’t worry.

As always, our smartphones have the ideal solution for this type of problem. In fact, you don’t even need to download other apps to your Android to scan as you need.

Google Drive is part of the basic Google Apps package, so it is installed on most Android phones, even if there are other file managers or alternatives in the cloud from the manufacturer.

In the case of Android, Google Drive has a function for scanning documents.

How to scan documents with Google Drive

Have you ever wondered what the factory pre-installed applications of your mobile phone are for? Many times we fail to use them and end up being a nuisance not being able to uninstall them. However, some are very useful and worth knowing.

The Google Drive app is one of those really useful pre-installed apps, as it allows us, among other things, to  scan any document quickly and easily . Here’s how to use the Google Drive app to scan documents with your mobile phone.

1. Open the Google Drive app and press the Add option, represented by the blue button with the “+” symbol located at the bottom right of the screen.

2.  Then select the Scan option.

3.  The camera of our mobile phone will be activated immediately to start the scan. It is important to frame the text of the document in the best possible way and then scan the file by pressing the blue button.

In this way, we will have successfully completed the scan. The scanned document   will be automatically saved in our  Google Drive cloud  service  in PDF format. We can access it or share it quickly and at any time simply by opening the app and searching for it.

In the setting options we find interesting points such as  setting the quality of the JPEG, the orientation or the size of the PDF that we are about to obtain, which by default is available in ISO A4 format. Once everything is adjusted, we can save the document in PDF format in the desired folder.

Tips for a perfect scan

While the scan option offered by Google Drive has a number of settings and effects that automatically improve the final quality of the scanned document,  if you really want to get a professional and perfect scan, it  is important to consider the following tips:

  • Place the document you want to scan on a stable and completely flat surface.
  • Scan in a place where there is sufficient lighting.
  • Make sure all letters and characters in the document are inside the camera frame.
  • If after the acquisition you have not reached the desired quality, we advise you to try again as many times as necessary.

Google Drive allows us to scan documents in seconds thanks to our Android device. With this we can not only store these documents directly in the Google cloud,  being able to access them from any other device, but also to be sure that all our documents are safe

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