How To Show Song Lyrics In Instagram Stories

The millions of users of Instagram, the famous social network, will be delighted. It is now possible to easily insert lyrics to a song in the Stories. A way to compete with TikTok and recover certain users who have already left on the application.

How to Show Song Lyrics in Instagram Stories
How to Show Song Lyrics in Instagram Stories

Until now, Instagram only allowed adding music to Stories using the service’s musical sticker. If you wanted to display the lyrics, then you had to write them manually. Faced with the growing threat from TikTok, a competing app also deploying this functionality, Instagram reacted.

How to Show Song Lyrics in Instagram Stories

The option announced by Instagram is available on both Android and iOS in all countries offering the Music sticker. However, some Android smartphones may not yet have the option. Fortunately, it is only a matter of time before the option arrives.

To add the lyrics of songs to Stories on Instagram, nothing could be simpler.

    • Select the creation of a new Story then click on Stickers
    • Look for Music then select it
    • Then find your favorite song and select it
    • And now, voila ! You can then adjust the display of the lyrics, modify the words or even change the colors or the font of the lyrics. It is also possible to customize the scrolling of the lyrics.

Followers who watch Stories will then see the lyrics automatically displayed with the song. They can even interact with them and access more information about the artist or listen to the song.

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