How To Spread The Word To Text: The Best Apps To Transcribe Audio

Do you need to convert your voice into text? Discover the best applications to transcribe audio that you have available on Android.

How To Spread The Word To Text: The Best Apps To Transcribe Audio

How to spread the Word to Text: The best apps to Transcribe Audio

Voice to text transcription is an essential task for millions of people. For example, journalists and students can take full advantage of applications of this type on their Android phone. Luckily, over time the number of apps that allow you to transfer voice to text recordings has increased.

Then we leave you with a selection of these applications for Android with which to convert the audio into written words in the most comfortable way possible. There are many to choose from, but some of them stand out for their high quality. We leave you with our selection.

Instant Transcription (Google Live Transcribe)

The Google application is one of the most recent in this field, which we have already talked about , but it has been known to do with a gap between users thanks to its proper functioning.

One of the great advantages it offers us is that it works perfectly even if there is background noise. It can also be used in many situations, even as a safety tool thanks to its ability to differentiate background noises.

The use of artificial intelligence allows the application to improve continuously; offering an increasingly accurate transcript. In addition, functions are introduced that make the use of it more comfortable for users, such as being able to save these transcripts up to three whole days on the phone.

Google Instant Transcription is a good application to transcribe any type of lecture or reading, it is also ideal for use in class when taking notes. Although it is important to know that for the application to work you need to have an Internet connection at all times.

The application can be downloaded for free on Android and as usual in Google apps, there are no purchases or ads inside.


This application is another good option in this field, well known to most, which is very helpful when we have to dictate something because we don’t feel like writing it. And it is very easy to use: there is a large text box where everything we dictate to the phone will be written; or another person dictates at that time.

Besides voice to text transcription, this application gives some additional functions that make it especially interesting. For example, it allows you to export the text we have created in PDF format to send it to another person or if we want to print it.

We can also save all the notes that we have created in the phone or in the microSD that we have inserted in it. Very comfortable to use.

The download of this application on Android is free. Inside it there are ads, in addition to purchases, to remove those ads, but we can use it without paying money. You can download it in this link below:

Speechnotes – Voice to text


This third application is one of the best known in the field of transcribing voice to text on Android.

Its operation is not far from the rest of the options in this list: everything you hear through the microphone of the phone will be transcribed to a text that we will see on the screen at all times. No surprises

The notes that are created can be greatly customized. We can change the size of the text, the background color or the font. Once the transcription is finished, ListenAll allows you to save the notes as audio, save them as a document or export them in other applications as well. For the application to work, you need to have an Internet connection at all times.

This application can be downloaded for free on Android. In addition, there are no advertisements or purchases of any kind inside, which allows a particularly comfortable use without distractions.

ListenAll – Download


Otter is presented as the most complete voice to text transcription application for professionals. It is an option that many journalists use for its proper functioning and support to a wide variety of languages.

In addition, it is suitable for various situations because it can be used in dictation and also with audio notes that have been previously recorded and stored on the phone or computer. According to the writemyessays students often use this application for their studies. It helps them not to miss important information during their lectures. Especially when the student wants to have a rest more than to learn.

Another aspect that stands out is because it offers many additional functions. It can be used as a computer, has a web version, synchronizes with the calendar, gives unlimited access to the cloud … The application is entirely in English, but the use of it does not present problems.

Otter has a free version that enables its use for 600 minutes of transcription per month. There is a paid version of the application, which for many professionals is a good investment to consider, which gives access to 6,000 minutes of transcription every month. In this case, you have to pay $ 8.33 a month for it.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes (for English) – Download

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