How To Subscribe To Globoplay On Smart TV

Service is available in two plans with exclusive content such as BBB series, films and live cameras. Globoplayis Globo’s series and movie streaming service. The application is available on smart TV models from several brands, such as Samsung , LG , Philco and Sony, among others.

How to Subscribe to Globoplay on Smart TV
How to Subscribe to Globoplay on Smart TV

In some cases, the app is already installed natively, but you may need to access the system store to download for free. The subscription can be made from the TV and then on the website “”.

The software allows you to watch the live programming of TV Globo, but to access content such as exclusive BBB cameras or soap operas and miniseries at any time, it is necessary to subscribe to the service.

For this, there are two options of plan: annual, which costs 12 times of 17.20, or monthly, for R $ 22.90 per month. Check out the tutorial below on how to subscribe to Globoplay via smart TV.

How to Subscribe to Globoplay on Smart TV

Here are the following steps to subscribe to globoplay on Smart TV.

Step 1. Open the Globoplay app on your TV and press the left directional button to access the menu. There, go to “My account”;

Step 2. In “Profile”, press “Enter”;

Step 3. Write down the code that appears on the TV screen. If you want, scan the QR code to open the account activation website directly by cell phone;

Step 4. On your computer or mobile phone, access the site “”, without quotes, and log in to your account or register. If you prefer, you can also use data from your Google or Facebook account. Then, enter the code that appears on the TV screen and tap activate;

Step 5. Now, press “OK” to confirm the activation of your account on the TV;

Step 6. To subscribe to the service, access the Globoplay homepage on your mobile phone and tap on the menu button in the upper left corner. There, tap “Be a subscriber”;

Step 7. Choose the desired plan and, if necessary, confirm your account password. Then, agree to the terms of the contract and press “Proceed”;

Step 8. Finally, enter your personal data and credit or debit card payment information and tap “Continue”.

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to enjoy all the benefits of a paid Globoplay plan.

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