How To Take Notes On PDF

Take Notes on PDF: Fortunately, nowadays it is increasingly possible to study on PDF: among professors who publish their lecture notes online, digitized notes, books, and papers that can be purchased digitally, the PDF format is increasingly common to replace the dear, old paper, both on school desks and in the classrooms of the university.

How to Take Notes on PDF
How to Take Notes on PDF

How to Take Notes on PDF

In particular, those who own an Android tablet or an iPad will find it particularly convenient to study from PDF on these devices. However, many users wonder: is it possible to underline on PDF? And take notes? The answer is yes, but there are some distinctions to make, which we deal with immediately.

Image PDF vs. Text PDF

The first thing to understand is that, even if there is some text in the PDF, it is not said that the document is actuallycomposed of text: it could only bean imagethat contains writings. This occurs especially in the case of documents that have been scanned in PDF, for example in the event that a classmate has printed notes that have subsequently been scanned: in this case, it is as if it were a photo of the notes and not of a document typed on the computer.

For this reason, in PDFs composed of images, it is still possible to take notes but it is not possible to underline.

How to underline, write and take notes on PDF on iPhone, iPad, and Android

If you have an iOS or Android device, the first thing to do to study on PDF is to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

At this point, the PDFs that you transfer to your device will be opened with Adobe Acrobat: to emphasize and take notes on PDF on iPad, iPhone or Android, what we are interested in is the second button, with the ballon and the pencil.

After clicking on it, we will find several buttons at the bottom, which are shown below:

PDF Tools

  • the ballonto add a note
  • the highlighterto highlight text
  • the crossed out characterto cut text
  • the underlined characterto underline text
  • the normal fontto add text
  • the pencilto draw on the PDF
  • the tip of the fountain pento add the signature

Keep in mind that, as we mentioned, you can add notes and draw on any PDF, but you can only underline or highlight if the PDF is composed of text.

How to underline, write and take notes on PDF on Mac

To study, underline and take notes on PDF on Mac we can rely on the always excellentPreview: the apple software, which manages to manage a large number of different types of files, is also an excellent PDF reader, which allows you to do everything you need.

To highlight a PDF on Mac, just click on the appropriate button at the top with the highlighter icon: by clicking on the arrow at the bottom, then, you can choose the color or switch to the tool to underline or the one to cross out the text.

After activating the selected tool, you can highlight the text as you would normally do with the mouse, that is, clicking with the left button and dragging the cursor.

As for the notes, on the other hand, you can selectTools,Annotateand then addTextorNoteby clicking on the homonymous items, as well as a comic balloon by clicking onSpeech Bubble or shape of your choice between rectangle, oval, line, arrow, polygon or star.

How to underline, write and take notes on PDF on PC

To underline a PDF and take notes from your PC, you must first install Adobe Acrobat Reader: you candownload and install it from the official website by clicking on the button at the bottom rightDownload.

Once Acrobat Reader is installed, by opening a PDF with this software you will find two tools at the top, with icons of aspeech bubbleand ahighlighter: they are used, respectively, to add a note or highlight the text.

Selecting the first one, then, you will have the tool that allows you to add a comment: click on any point to add a note that can later be useful to your study.

As for the highlighter, on the other hand, it is useful to underline the PDF: once selected, just click and highlight the text with the mouse to highlight the most important phrases.

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