How To Trace An IP Address

How to trace an IP address is not as difficult as you think. With your target IP address, you can easily track where the IP is located. This is important because without knowing the IP address, it is impossible to be able to trace it.

How to Trace an IP Address
How to Trace an IP Address

Well, before tracing it, it would be better to know the meaning of IP addresses. Maybe some of you do not really understand what an IP address.

Understanding IP Address

IP (Internet Protocol) address is a series of binary numbers arranged with a range from 32 bits to 128 bits. The series of numbers will be used as an identification address on each computer.

In computer network science, the use of 32-bit numbers is used on IPv4 version-specific IP addresses. As for the 128-bit number, it is used in the IPv6 version.

In addition, the IP address is also divided into two parts, namely public IP for the internet and local IP for the local network.

How to Know the IP Address

How to find out the IP address is fairly important. Because you must know the IP address first before tracking it. Well, to find out, see the following way.

Knowing the Site IP Address

  • For Windows users, clickStart>Accessories>Command Prompt (CMD). As for MAC users, open a terminal which you can find in the utilities folder.
  • Next, type ping on any site.
  • For the format that is ”Ping [URL]” without quotes.

For example,ping Later, the IP address of the site that you type will appear. You can also check sites like YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and others.

Knowing the IP Email Address

  • First, open the email client where you want to track the IP address.
  • Next, click the three dots icon on the right.
  • If so, selectShow original orShow original.
  • Then, the source email will appear including the IP Address that you need.

Sensible only presents two ways to find out the IP address as above. If you have other methods, please.

How to Trace an IP Address

1. Through WolframAlpha

  1. First, you must know the target IP address. You can search for it through Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android platforms. For example, here Sense will track Facebook’s IP.
  2. Next, open theWolframAlpha site.
  3. On the WolframAlpha page, click on the column provided. Then enter the IP that you want. Here, Sense will exemplify using Facebook IP.
  4. After entering the IP address, pressEnteron the keyboard.
  5. Later, WolframAlpha will display information related to the IP that you entered. Both the type of IP address, the internet service provider used as the address, and the area of ​​origin of the IP address.

You can see, to the right of theIP address registrant table, there is aMore menu. There, you can see information about the city in question.

2. Through IP Lookup

If the above method does not display IP address information, try to use IP Lookup. The ways to track IP addresses are:

  1. Just like the way above, you must know the target IP address first.
  2. Next, open a website called IP Lookup.
  3. Then, click on the column provided underIP Address or Hostname.
  4. Then, enter the IP address that you want to track and pressLookup IP address. For example, Sense will use Google’s IP.
  5. Later, basic information will appear about the location of the IP address.

Certainly not easy to find out the IP address and how to track IP addresses. This method is quite important in certain situations that require you to know the address of the IP used by the target.

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