How To Translate WhatsApp Messages Simultaneously To 92 Languages

WhatsApp continues to add news to its instant messaging service with the aim of improving its interaction and usability. On this occasion, the service has enabled, through GBoard, the Google keyboard, the ability to translate messages simultaneously to 92 languages.

How to Translate WhatsApp Messages Simultaneously to 92 Languages
How to Translate WhatsApp Messages Simultaneously to 92 Languages

This keyboard, which is installed by default in most mobile phones with Android operating system includes, for several months, various additional features that are integrated with the application to improve the usability of the application among its users.

Among other things, this keyboard allows you to search on Google everything you need,know the weather, read the news of the day and even send ‘Bitmojis’ (emojis with human form) and stickers.

How to translate whatsapp messages into third languages

Therefore, to translate WhatsApp messages into third languages, it is essential that you have the Google keyboard.

In case your Android does not have this keyboard, or you have a mobile phone with iOS operating system,you will only have to accessGoogle Playor theApp Storeand download the Gboard app.

Then, you just have to select a WhatsApp conversation and open the Google keyboard.

Once this is done,you will just have to click on the Google ‘G’ and select the translator icon,which appears in third place between the GIF icons and a color palette to change the keyboard theme.

Translate up to 92 languages

Now that you have selected this option,you will only have to write the message you want to transmit to your contacts and select the language to which you want to translate it.

You can send messages in Basque, Galician, Catalan and even in other languages ​​such as Hmong, Igbo or Esperanto.

Next, the application will translate your message into the selected language while you write.

Thanks to this new feature, you can communicate simultaneously with WhatsApp users from other countries who do not speak your language.

You will no longer have to go to Google’s ‘Translate’ app to translate a message.You just have to install the Google keyboard to enjoy its features.

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