How To Use Bigo Live To Broadcast Live

Bigo Live is an application created for live streams that can be used on both Android and iOS smartphones. Through it you can interact with other users, respond to comments, participate in chats and follow your favorite accounts. To use the app, check out the tutorial below.

How to Use Bigo Live to Broadcast Live
How to Use Bigo Live to Broadcast Live

Bigo Live: How to use the app for live streams

Step 1:Download the app from both theApp StoreandGoogle Play. Then, whether or not to allow it to use your location to find streams near you.

Step 2:Add your phone number or sign in with yourFacebook, Google or Twitter account.

Step 3:Set up the rest of your profile information so that your account creation is complete.

Step 4:Bigo Live will show all the broadcasts that are currently happening. Touch “Confirm” to move on.

Step 5: The home page shows all the streams that are happening based on their popularity (ie, number of user interactions or accesses). To view streams in your region, activate the location and tap the “Nearby” tab in the upper left corner of the screen.

Going live

Step 1:Touch the circle icon in the center at the top of the screen. Then, select “Confirm” to have the application access your camera and microphone.

Step 2:Select “Go live” so that your followers and others can access your stream. By dragging the screen to the left, you can start a video with more people who have a Bigo Live account – the maximum is 9 users.

Step 3:by dragging the screen to the right, you can start an audio live (without video) or a game (provided the title is present in the list of available games on Bigo Live).

Step 4:The transmission of games can also be done by the computer, as long as the QR code of the game is scanned on the Bigo Live Connector. To do this, touch the computer icon.

Bigo Live: broadcast privacy

The privacy of your live streams can be changed in the settings. To do this, simply access the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and tap on “Settings”.

Then, select “Privacy” and enable or disable your location and inform whether you want to hide your videos from the “Nearby videos” section, whether you want your streams to be recommended to your friends, whether your status should appear as online or if strangers can send posts.

Have you heard of Bigo Live? After downloading the app, tell us your experience in the comments.

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