How to Use Gmail’s New Meeting Scheduling Feature?

Gmail recently announced a new feature:scheduling meetings via email.The tool is located within the structure of the messaging server and makes life easier for those who want to create events, while also taking care of their daily routine.

How to use Gmail's new Meeting Scheduling Feature?

In addition, it is now also possible to send suggested times for future meeting calls. This feature is also available within the system, and makes life easier for other people, as it is not necessary to use Google Calendar to view your free time.

Therefore, today we teach you how to schedule a meeting with Gmail and send time suggestions to other people. Check out!

How do I send an available meeting time via email?

1. Access Gmail via the official website or apps for smartphones, tablets and desktops;

2. Once there, click on the option to write a new email;

3. Then, at the bottom of the screen, click on the symbol with three dots, as shown in the image below;

4. Now, click on the last option: “Set a meeting time”;

5. Then, click on the first option that appears on the screen: “Inform when you are free”;

6. The next screen will show the meeting duration option, which you can modify to the specific time you have available. In the “Add a date” option, you need to choose the day that will be available for the event;

7. Before sending the email, you can check all the information to make sure there is nothing wrong with the invitation, such as different times and dates than desired. If everything is correct, click the “Insert in email” button;

8. Note that the available time will already be in the body of the email;

9. Okay, now just fill in the recipients and the subject and send the email.

How to schedule a meeting when sending an email?

1. Open Gmail and go to the option to compose a new email, as shown previously;

2. Then, follow the same path through the icon with the three dots. However, now you must click on the second option: “Create an event”;

3. On the next screen,you must fill in all the meeting fields, from the title it will have, to its respective duration;

4. As an example, we filled out all the details in the meeting invitation. It is important to pay attention to each one of them so as not to send it with any wrong information, such as location, date and time. After checking everything, click the “Save” button;

5. Note thatthe meeting data is automatically sent to the body of the email, where now you just need to choose the recipients and fill in the subject of the message;

6. That’s it, now just click “Send” and the meeting invitation will reach all recipients.

Now that you know how to use the new feature to schedule meetings through Gmail, you no longer need to chase each participant to invite them to the event.

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