How to Use Instagram Insights | In 5 Effective Ways

In terms of promoting your brand on social media, Instagram is one of the best possible options because it has more than 1 billion active users every month and has the potential to gain exposure and target the ideal audience.

In addition to being a powerful and efficient tool, this social media platform also helps start-up brands and businesses connect, and collaborate, thus increasing exposure for both parties.

How to Use Instagram Insights
How to Use Instagram Insights

How to Use Instagram Insights | In 5 Effective Ways

If you are looking for exposure and to grow your Instagram audience, one of the most important things you need to do when starting your Instagram account is to make it public and convert it to a business profile.

If your Instagram profile is a business profile, you will be able to monitor both the growth of your business and the engagement and interactions between your brand and the audience through one of the best and most used features of Instagram, which is called Instagram Insights.

Your Instagram account must be changed to the Instagram Business account before you can use Instagram Insights.

What are the benefits of Instagram analytics?

Currently, there are more than 25 million business profiles on Instagram and over 200 million people visit at least one of these daily, indicating that businesses are embracing this advertising platform.

You may use the platform as a marketing tool, but unless you know who is viewing your profile or seeing your ads, how your posts are performing, and what value your account drives, it could be a waste of time.

You could be doing one of the following if you do not regularly review your Instagram analytics:

  • The wrong audience is being targeted. Targeting the wrong audience.
  • The posting of too many posts or not enough posts.
  • Your website is being visited by irrelevant visitors.
  • It is possible to drive calls with ad types you have only used once.
  • Avoiding mentions that could lead to partnerships in the future.
  • Posting at non-optimal times of the day or on the wrong day.
  • In your comments or stories, you are missing opportunities for brand engagement.

These are a few things that you would be able to do better if you looked into Instagram’s data more. As you gain more insights from the data, you will be able to improve how you use Instagram for your business, which may make it an even more important part of your online marketing strategy.

Therefore, the following are five effective ways to use Instagram Insights to help you grow your market exponentially.

1. Make sure you have properly shared your links

The most important thing you need to do when you want to convert Instagram is to update the links that you have on your Instagram bio so that your potential customers or followers will click on the links straight from your profile.

It will also allow you to make sure that your Instagram bio is optimized well and you grow Instagram followers by generating indirect traffic to your other social media profiles and websites.

2. It helps to analyze the audience

Instagram insights help you analyze your audience, which further allows you to understand who exactly is your audience and what exactly they expect from you in terms of content.

Also included in the Instagram insights are demographics about your audience, countries from which they come, age demographics, and gender demographics to help you target your audience more effectively.

Taking into account your audience and what they may enjoy helps you create content that appeals to them leading you to gain more Instagram likes.

3. Analyze the type of content that works for you and your audience

In the insights section of your Instagram profile, you will be able to analyze the insights of each of your posts, along with the rate of engagement on each post.

You will also know which post does well and how many interactions there are on each post when you open up the insights which you can use to gain more Instagram followers. Your content is more likely to appear on the Explore page and to be promoted if your engagement rate is high.

4. Insights tell you how many people actually look at your profile on Instagram

This is actually extremely helpful to know if people are actually interested in your content or if they are actually interested enough to follow you. In addition, it tells you how many people actually visit your profile each day or per week, and which posts have contributed to more profile views.

It is critical that you pay attention to the number of profile visits because it indicates that people who view your post will check out your Instagram profile and if they manage to convert that profile visit into a follow.

It is a form of gaining organic Instagram growth because the Instagram user actually liked your content enough to follow you. It means that you are on the right track and growing in the number of followers. However, try some of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

5. Instagram Insights allows you to monitor discoverability driven by Hashtags

It is important to know how and why hashtags are so crucial when you add them to your Instagram marketing strategy. Therefore, hashtags are an integral part of your marketing strategy on Instagram, as they not only make you easy to find and easy to follow but also increase engagement and interaction rates.

Therefore, your posts should include hashtags and relevant hashtags. What role do Instagram insights play here? It helps to know what hashtags work and which do not on Instagram by using Instagram insights.

They give you information on how many profile visits have been converted due to the hashtags, helping you improve your marketing strategy and grow your Instagram following.


Understanding your audience is made easier with data. This shows you what they like, how they do things, and who they are. Business decisions can certainly be based on gut feelings, but validated assumptions from cold, hard data are much more likely to succeed.

By using data and analytics, you can determine whether you need to do anything differently to improve your performance — such as targeting a different audience, posting at a certain time of day, or experimenting with a new format.

In the same way as other marketing elements, social media can be measured and optimized. Therefore, making use of the Instagram Insights mentioned above efficiently will allow you to create an Instagram strategy that is more effective.

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