Tips on How to Use NFC On a Smartphone?

In this modern era, smartphone companies are being guided to produce products that make things easier for their users, one of which is NFC technology. What is NFC? What is its use and how to use NFC on a smartphone? The following are the answers to the discussion this time.

Tips on How to Use NFC on a Smartphone!

Tips on How to Use NFC on a Smartphone!

Apa ituNear Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is connectivity whose function is to connect two devices by attaching or bringing the two devices close together. In general, the distance required for NFC is very close or even needs to be taped.

The performance of this technology is by sending and receiving radio waves. But it’s different from Bluetooth which uses electromagnetics.

How to Activate the NFC Feature

Once you know what NFC is, now is the time to learn to activate this feature on your smartphone. But first make sure whether your smartphone has the feature and has components for NFC or not. If so, the next step is:

  • Masuk ke menuSettings
  • PilihConnections
  • Then scroll down and the NFC option will appear, then activate it by moving the position toOn.

The fastest way to activate NFC can be done by going to the smartphone taskbar by swiping down and looking for the NFC menu.

So what if we want to try using NFC but the smartphone doesn’t have the components and features? The method is very easy, that is, you only need to buy a new smartphone that already has NFC in it.

Functions and Uses of NFC on Smartphones

Once you know how to activate it, the uses of NFC are as follows.

Can connect smartphone to other devices

By connecting two devices in two directions to receive and transmit information is the main function of NFC. This activity does not require an internet connection or Wi-Fi.

Just by attaching the two devices together, you can send or receive information such as documents, contacts, images, videos and also applications.

Can be used as paymentCashless

Various shopping places now accept cashlesscashless services. NFC is one of the technologies needed in transactions like this.

The way to use it is to attach your smartphone to a special cashless payment device and the payment system will be automatic without asking for a verification code or payment PIN.

Can access certain commands usingNFC Tag

NFC Tag is a small sticker that contains an NFC chip. Usually has a command containing an action or web address for the smartphone. To use it is quite easy, just stick your smartphone on the small sticker, and then a command will immediately appear to your smartphone to open a site containing information.

Makes it easier to access informationSmart Card

The convenience of accessing Smart Card information can be used to top up e-money balances, such as e-toll cards, now you can top up independently via smartphone alone.

Mark the position of a place

There is also a fairly sophisticated feature, namely creating marks ortagging locationgwhich is called LBS( Location Based Services).This feature can mark certain positions or locations simply by attaching a special NFC Tag.

Can be used as a hotel room or car door

This feature makes it easier for you if you don’t want to carry a lot of cards that can fill your pockets. With this NFC, you can easily access access cards such as hotel door cards just by tapping using your smartphone.

So that’s information about NFC and its uses. There are many things that can be used via NFC which can make things easier for us in various things in life.

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