How To Use NMDVPN For Free Internet

NMDVPN for Free Internet: There are many ways to enjoy free internet these days but when it comes to using free internet on our PC with high speed and access to all secure sites. NMDVPN is the best, as it supports all tcp/udp ports.

How to Use NMDVPN for Free Internet
How to Use NMDVPN for Free Internet

How to Use NMDVPN for Free Internet

This software is very stable, easy to use, supports all versions of the Windows operating system and also very easy to have! In this post, we will try to see how to use this software to get FREE INTERNET.

1.Download NMD-VPNhere.

2. Unzip the .rar file.And install the software as an administrator.

3. Click Yes to install Tap Drivers when asked.

4. After installing the NMD VPN, You can run it as the administrator of your PC with the help of the NMD VPN icon.

5. Download the VPN configurationshere(Euro1, Euro2, US OpenVPN Certificates Bundle) and the USERNAME and PASSWORD which you will be asked for during the connection.

6.Once you have downloaded the configurations.Then extract them in the Config folder of NMD VPNC: Program FilesNMDVPNconfig7.Open NMD VPN (in administrator mode for those who use Windows 7, 8, and Vista )

8. Now, with a Right-click on NMD VPN which is on the taskbar, connect to one of the configs, and enter the usernameand PASSWORD.If one of the configs fails then try the other

9. Wait until you are connected and the icon color will change to green.

10. Now take advantage of the HIGH-SPEED INTERNET.

You can use this method to browse for free by connecting with a config of the TCP443 port, or UDP53 port, this method works well with airtel RDCongo in certain provinces, Airtel Tanzania, Mtn Rwanda, Airtel India,…
You can also use this method to hide your IP address. The USERNAME and PASSWORD are changed every week so please check it often here

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