How to Use Truecaller to Track Cell Phone Numbers

Truecaller is the leading global caller ID and call blocker app. This app can help you identify and protect yourself from unwanted calls and SMS.

How to Use Truecaller to Track Cell Phone Numbers

How to Use Truecaller to Track Cell Phone Numbers

With Truecaller, you can know who is calling you, block spam numbers, keep your SMS inbox tidy. Here’s how to use Truecaller to track cellphone numbers:

Step 1: Download and Install Truecaller App

You can download the Truecaller app for free from the App Store or Play Store according to your device.

After downloading, install the app and open it on your device. You will be asked to grant access permissions to your contacts, calls, SMS and location. Agree to these permissions so that Truecaller can function properly.

Step 2: Register or Login to Truecaller Account

You can create a new Truecaller account or sign in with an existing Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account.

If you don’t have a Truecaller account, you can register with your cellphone number and verify the OTP code sent to that number.

Once logged in, you can organize your profile by adding your name, photo, email and other information.

Step 3: Track Mobile Number with Truecaller

There are two ways to track a cellphone number with Truecaller:

Method 1: Use the Search Feature

You can use the search feature in the Truecaller application to search for the cellphone number you want to track. Just type the number in the search field and press the search button.

Truecaller will display search results containing the name, location, operator and spam status of the number. You can also view the call and SMS history of the number if any.

Method 2: Use the Caller ID Feature

You can also use the caller ID feature in the Truecaller application to track the cellphone number that called or sent you an SMS.

If you receive a call or SMS from an unknown number, Truecaller will display the identity and other information of the number on your device screen.

You can decide whether you want to answer, reject, or block the call or SMS.

The final word

That’s how to use Truecaller to track cellphone numbers. With Truecaller, you can find out who is trying to contact you and protect yourself from annoying calls and SMS.

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