Disney+ | How To Watch Deleted Movies?

Disney+: There is very little left for the launch of Disney + in the US; On November 12, Netflix will have a real rival, perhaps for the first time since the birth of its streaming service.

How to Watch Deleted movies forever on Disney+?

We already know most of the details of the Disney service, and that is why we know that you can take away many subscriptions to Netflix. We are not talking only about a huge catalog, which you could throw one day just by reviewing; The price is also very competitive.

It seems that the launch of Disney + can change the market as we know it. Especially because it includes news that we don’t find in any other subscription service, and that some of us have been claiming for years.

Disney + will allow you to continue watching your favorite movie

For example, one of the great advantages of subscription services such as Netflix is ​​that the catalog is constantly changing, receiving new titles; But it is also one of its biggest disadvantages.

Surely it happened to you more than once. You find a movie on Netflix that you want to watch and add it to your playlist to watch it next weekend quietly. But when the day comes, the movie has disappeared from the service. Yes, sometimes this content comes back after a season, but it is still a great nuisance.

Disney CEO Bob Iger has a plan about it. In an interview with Vanity Fair , he has confirmed that a small amount of the available content will be removed from the platform at times; We already know that the available content will rotate using the great Disney library and its properties such as Marvel or Star Wars.

However, it has also advanced that, although a movie disappears from the service, we can continue watching it if we have downloaded it . Therefore, if we want to make sure we can watch our favorite movie forever, all we have to do is download it to our device.

Disney + will not delete the movies we have downloaded, so even if they disappear from the service, they will still be available.

This is the kind of function that Disney can afford because it is the most powerful company in the sector; but we would like nothing more than Netflix to copy it.

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