How to Improve Communication With Members?

One of the great pillars of cooperativism – and one of its main differences – is the relationship between the organization and the member. In addition to democratic management and the economic participation of cooperative members, cooperatives do not place anyone above anyone else and prioritize human beings in their operations, always valuing unity and solidarity.

How to improve communication with members?

How to improve communication with members?

Therefore, looking for new ways to evolve communication with cooperative members is essential. In fact, technological innovations and digital transformation are great allies for this mission.

In this article, we will explore 6 ways to improve communication with members, focusing on digital alternatives that have had such a positive impact on Brazilian (and global) cooperatives. So, come with us to find out what they are!

1. Digital assemblies

Certainly, the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the increase in digital events in the most varied areas. In cooperativism, it was no different. We had the consolidation of digital assemblies, which still work very well today.

Conducting digital assemblies in cooperatives not only allows greater flexibility and practicality but also increases participation, enabling more members to be involved, engaged and have a greater voice in the management of the cooperative.

Fortunately, cooperatives can count on software created especially for cooperative needs, with all the features that allow voting, lists and excellent communication with members.

Curia, developed by Coopersystem, is one of the most used for digital assemblies and has proven to be a favorite among large cooperatives

2. Feedback channels

Communication with members is also about listening to them. In this sense, establishing channels to receive feedback represents an excellent approach to strengthening ties with associates and obtaining crucial information for business strategy.

Digital forms, internal platforms and specific online services for members are some of the means that allow them to share their opinions, compliments and complaints.

These interactions help cooperatives identify points for improvement and future opportunities. Monitoring comments and reactions on social media is also an effective way to collect feedback from members.

Furthermore, cooperatives can actively conduct research to regularly evaluate the perceptions of members, allowing the analysis of changes, advances and the detection of possible problems.

Finally, it is essential to demonstrate to the member that their opinion is valued and that they are being heard.

3. Social networks

Social networks play a fundamental role as channels of engagement and communication with members. This encompasses both informative content and an approach aimed at strengthening brand identity and organizational culture to boost cooperatives.

It is worth mentioning that social media is not only intended to carry out external marketing strategies but also internal marketing.

4. Accessible and inclusive systems

Cooperativism, being democratic and inclusive, requires consideration of these aspects when communicating with members, since diversity is one of the fundamental pillars of the cooperative movement.

Therefore, communication must be empathetic, taking into account all segments of the cooperative public. Avoiding the use of prejudiced and exclusionary terms contributes to the formation of a solid and proactive community, also resulting in benefits for business and the promotion of innovation.

In this scenario, it is important to take this into account when developing software, platforms and applications for your company. Make sure everyone is comfortable and having the best experience possible.

5. Education platforms

In the quest to improve communication with members, cooperatives also play the role of educating, training and providing learning that will result in development in both the business and personal context.

In this context, cooperatives can establish, through partnerships or their own platforms, education and technical and professional improvement channels for their members.

This initiative not only adds value and intensifies interaction, but also preserves and disseminates cooperative values. Furthermore, it encourages more people to want to participate in a cooperative.

Therefore, it became clear that it is crucial to have customized software, applications and digital platforms to improve communication with members in an efficient, agile and practical way.

Therefore, to achieve this, the ideal is to have a specialized company that is a reference in the area and understands cooperatives.

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