How To Improve The Sound Quality Of Google Home

Make Google Home a better listener and speaker. Google Home devices sound good. But the audio quality is not surprising. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve Google Home’s sound quality.

How to Improve the Sound Quality of Google Home
How to Improve the Sound Quality of Google Home

How to Improve the Sound Quality of Google Home

The simplest solution is to use the audio equalizer that Google has integrated into theGoogle Home app. Plus, you can improve the sound dramatically by pairing your favorite bluetooth speaker. If that doesn’t improve the sound quality enough, there are also other very creative options.

Edit audio with the Google Home equalizer

If you have a Google Home or Google Home Mini hub, you may have noticed that the speakers of all these devices have very deep bass.

This is an ideal setting when the voice has to answer your questions, but it may not be ideal when listening to music or audio from a video.

For this reason, Google has introduced a useful Google Home equalizer in the Google Home app that you can use to adjust the ups and downs.

1. Open the Google Home app on yourAndroidoriPhoneand touch the Google Home device you want to adjust.

2. At the top of the device display, you will see three icons. The leftmost one is the equalizer icon. Tap this icon to open the equalizer control.

3. In the equalizer settings screen, you can increase or decrease the bass or treble. If you plan to listen to a lot of music with your Google Home device, ideal settings include lowering the bass by one quarter and raising the treble by three quarters.

4. After adjusting the equalizer settings, you will notice an immediate change in sound quality on that Google Home device.

Enhance audio by pairing a Bluetooth speaker

If changing the sound settings with the equalizer still doesn’t produce better sound for you, another excellent option is to pair your favorite Bluetooth speaker with your Google Home device.

Pairing Bluetooth speakers with Google Home is very simple.

1. Open the Google Home app, touch the device you want to pair with a Bluetooth speaker, and touch the second gear icon to access the Kitchen display device settings.

2. Scroll down to theDefault music speaker settings and tap it. This window is where you will set the default speaker for playing music from your Google Home device.

3. Tap thePair Bluetooth Speaker option and the Google Home device will start searching for nearby Bluetooth speakers and list them on this screen. Make sure the Bluetooth speaker is turned on and pairing mode is enabled so that the Google Home device can detect it.

4. When the Bluetooth speaker appears in the list, tap it and you will see the speaker icon turn blue with a checkmark. A pop-up message may appear indicating that the Bluetooth speaker has been set as the default speaker.

5. If the Bluetooth speaker doesn’t work right away, go back to the Choose a default speaker menu. The Google Home device may still be enabled as the default speaker for music and videos.

6. To set the paired Bluetooth speaker as the default speaker, tap the speaker in this list. You will see it turns blue with a checkmark.

7. Now, when you return to the devicesettings screen, you will see the Bluetooth speaker set as the default video and music speaker.

8. If you want to set the speaker on your Google device as the default again, repeat the previous step and select it so that it turns blue with a checkmark icon.

Enhance Google Home Sound with Chromecast

There are some truly incredible Bluetooth speakers on the market. However, the quality of a Bluetooth speaker cannot go this far alone.

If you want to take your Google Home audio quality to a whole new level, consider streaming music or videos on a Chromecast connected to a TV with a premium sound system.

If you set the TV connected to the Chromecast as the default TV for Google Home, sending music or videos becomes easy.

1. Open the Google Home app and touch the Google Home device you want to cast on the Chromecast TV.

2. Touch the second icon at the top to access the device settings page.

3. To set the TV connected to the Chromecast as the default, scroll down the device’s settings page and touchDefault TV.

4. On the Choose a default TV screen, you will see the Chromecast-enabled TV in the list of options.

5. When you touch Chromecast-enabled TV, the Google Home app will set your device as the default Google Home TV option. You will see a pop-up message confirming that Chromecast is now enabled as the default TV.

6. TouchDONE. Now you can say something like “Hey Google, play Bruno Mars on TV” and Google Home will play music on your Chromecast-enabled television. The sound of music or videos that come from your premium TV entertainment sound system is an extraordinary thing.

Create a group of speakers

One of the most extraordinary ways to improve the sound quality of Google Home is to multiply the sound on multiple speakers in the house. You can do this by creating a group of speakers and streaming music or videos to multiple speakers in the room or throughout the house.

Here’s how you can create a group of smart speakers.

1. Open the Google Home app and tap the speaker you want to add to the speaker group. Touch the gear icon to access the speaker device settings.

2. On the device settings page, scroll down and tapGroups.

3. On the Choose group page, tapCreate device group. Type a name for the speaker group and tapDONE. Touch SAVEto create the group.

4. Go back to the main Google Home page and touch the next speaker you want to add to the group. Scroll down the device settings page and touchGroups.

5. On the Choose group page, touch the name of the group you just created. When finished, the group name will turn blue and a checkmark will appear on the left. Touch SAVE to finish adding the presenter to the group.

After creating a group of speakers, you can check them in the following ways.

  • Say “Hey Google, let me listen to Ariana Grande on <speaker group name>”
  • On the main Google Home screen, touchPlay Music to playmusic. Touch the group and touchOpen Google Play Musicto control the music being played.
  • Use the music controls on Google Home or Google Mini to start and control the music being played

6. A group of speakers is an extraordinary tool for entertaining visitors or playing music throughout the house during the holidays.

Regardless of what someone says about the Google Home sound quality, there is much more to owning a Google Home than the quality of the speakers. And with all the ways you can improve the sound from Google Home, the quality of the speakers on Google Home devices doesn’t really matter.

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