5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook engagement increases when people act on your Facebook page, or Facebook posts. The most natural ways are shares, comments, and likes. Moreover, people might also be directed to your profile based on your location and geographical position.

Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach
Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

Engagement matters a lot because it is primarily responsible to increase organic reach. In order to increase engagement on Facebook it is also important to get more Facebook likes. In this article, we have discussed some ways in which you can increase engagement on Facebook. Read on to find out!

Create an Impact

First you need to understand that your audience doesn’t want a sales pitch. Therefore, they definitely won’t interact with you if that’s what you offer. When people are online they want to engage with content that impresses them, informs them, or creates an impact on them.

So you have to make sure that when you’re creating your content- it shows people something they’ve never seen before, and something they’ll always remember.

Understand Your Audience

You cannot always post the content that you want to. First, you need to understand the kind of people you are writing for, and discover what suits them best.

Further, you should look for little details that your competitors might have over looked and that give you an edge over rest of the market. You should look at your page insights, and track the places where there is maximum engagement.

Make Short Posts

A large number of people use Facebook on their mobile phones- at least more than 88% of the users are online on Facebook through cell phones. Facebook data has shown that people working on their mobiles spend only 1.7 second on each post.

Thus, you do not get a lot of time to create the best impression on your audience. Thus, it is advisable that you create short content which can be browsed and remembered in a short time- but remember to make it impactful!

Focus on Quality

As we’ve already mentioned above- people are only looking for something they can view in a short time. Moreover, since there are a large number of posts online, you also need to make each one very impactful. Therefore, we recommend that you take extra care with the quality of your post.

This means, that you do not compromise on your graphics, the descriptive texts, as well as the captions. It doesn’t mean that things need to be complicated or expensive, as long as you are simple and elegant, things should work out well.

Use Amazing Images

It has been observed that facebook posts which have a good photo see an engagement rate which is higher than average. The simpler and cleaner the shot is- the better it will work. We suggest that you use a customer photo or perhaps a product close up.

You don’t need to worry about having a fancy camera or expensive equipment. All you need to use is your mobile phone! There are various tips and tricks available on the internet for clicking great photographs- make sure you go through them,

Use Videos

Video posts have much greater interaction as opposed to photo posts. Videography can be easy and cheap, like painting, and you can get started with your cell phone. Bear in mind that on handheld devices, vertical video provides you the most screen space.

Moreover, if you go live you have an even higher chance of making a great impact on your viewers. Remember to be creative, and create videos that provide the highest level of engagement.

Talk to Fans

If someone is giving you time by commenting on your posts, then you need to reply before it’s too late. Nobody wants to be ignored, and the fans who wish to engage with your posts would want you to engage in return.

If possible get extra help to manage and respond to all the comments on your post. Usually a single comment will be enough in the manner of a response. However, there are times you’ll need an extra hand in the form of questions or other things.

Manage Statistics

You cannot work on Facebook merely based on assumptions. There are plenty of chances and statistics on Facebook to see what the followers enjoy and what they dislike. Video posts get the most interaction, the numbers claim, but that may not be accurate for your unique brand.

Or your followers might have fallen in love with your 360-degree footage. Testing and examining what your customers like is the best possible way to increase organic reach.

Be Consistent

Because the Social Media Stream is built on an algorithm, the moment things are uploaded, your fans won’t necessarily see your content.

According to the algorithm, the foremost criteria of visibility is the latest time at which posts are uploaded. And Facebook itself claims that if you post while your fans are online, you’re more likely to see the interaction.

Use Insights

You can get information about your audience using Facebook Insights; for this you should:

  • On Facebook click insights at the top of the screen
  • In the left column go to posts
  • Click on any Insight you want


Since it is mainly responsible for growing organic reach, interaction matters a lot. It is also important to get more Facebook likes in order to improve interest on Facebook.

We have mentioned several ways in which you can improve interaction on Facebook in this post.

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