How To Increase FPS On AoV Games

Increase FPS on AoV Games: For those of you who like to play the MOBA game Arena of Valor, come close, guy. We have prepared a way to get 60 FPS AoV for various HPs. The goal is of course to make the graphics even more beautiful and make you even more excited to play them, right?

How to Increase FPS on AoV Games

Indeed, in terms of popularity, the MOBA Arena of Valor game loses when compared to its competitors, namely Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. But, that doesn’t mean this game doesn’t have its own fans, huh. Don’t you still remember the feud between players when these two games were launched?

The popularity of this MOBA game has started to increase since AoV was made one of the e-Sports sports at the 2018 Asian Games. As a result, now AoV games are played by more than 80 million every day.

Talking about features and gameplay, AoV is like any other MOBA game. However, this game has one advantage that competitors don’t; namely High Frame Rate. This feature serves to increase the graphic appearance of the game so that it becomes more detailed, smoother, without connection choke.

How to Increase FPS on AoV Games

You need to know, this feature is not immediately active once you download and play the AoV game. Even though the cellphone used supports the FPS 60 display, you still have to activate it via settings.

In fact, this important information has even escaped the attention of many old players. So, to improve your experience when playing the Arena of Valor game, Droila’s team has prepared several ways to increase AoV’s FPS.

In addition, so that you don’t have trouble, the author has also included a way to increase AoV FPS with or without root. So, just watch it right away.

Activating High Frame Rate Settings in AoV Games

For the record, this step can only be run on smartphones that already support a 60 FPS frame rate. So, not for HP potatoes with low specifications, huh. And to activate it, just follow the steps below:

  1. Open and login to the Arena of Valor game
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen
  3. After that, enter the General settings menu. Then, swipe the screen until you find the High Frame Rate menu.
  4. Swipe to the google located next to it to activate the feature.

If so, the matched image will automatically be displayed with a frame rate of 60 FPS. What is clear, in more detail with cooler skill effects!

Arena of Valor 60FPS for Low-End Smartphones Without Root

For low-end smartphone users, there’s no need to be sad. You can also feel the match with a high level of FPS. Curious about how to increase AoV FPS for smartphones that have low specifications? Listen and follow the description of the following steps, yes. Don’t worry, you don’t need to root, really!

  1. Open the AoV game application and login.
  2. Tap the gear icon to enter Game Settings
  3. Enter the general menu, then activate the Outlines feature by sliding the Google next to it
  4. Then, click the Back button
  5. If so, the method is more complicated. Need a little trick. Go back into Settings
  6. Then, tap the blank screen in the upper right corner. Tap 10 or more times.
  7. Next, tap the Back button
  8. Wait a few moments, then enter the Settings menu again
  9. The trick above will automatically bring up the High Frame Rate feature. You can find it in the General section menu.
  10. Swipe to google to activate the feature.

It’s a little tricky. Even so, the method above has proven successful, really. Many other players have already tried it. However, there are some notes that you should know.

Forcing a High Frame Rate to be active on low-specification smartphones certainly has consequences. Among other things, graphics will not be stable at 60 FPS – depending on internet connection and machine performance.

The second effect that you will feel is that power consumption will increase. Therefore, it’s good that you have made sure that the smartphone battery is fully charged when activating this feature.

How to set GLTool to get 60 FPS AoV [Android Rooted]

The last way when you can’t do the two methods above is to root your Android phone. Its function, of course, is so that you can more freely change device settings. And if your Android phone has been rooted, you can really use the services of the GLTool application.

You can download it via the Play Store. And you can find there are two versions of the application; free and paid. According to the author’s experience, it’s better if you use the Pro or paid version, huh. You see, the features are more complete and can be used for many types of games, including Arena of Valor and PUBG Mobile.

And if you have downloaded the application, immediately apply the steps below to activate High Frame Rate on potato cellphones. In fact, 1 GB RAM can too!

  1. Download and install the GLTool application. Clickhereif you haven’t installed it yet.
  2. Open the GLTools application on your device
  3. Select the Arena of Valor application menu
  4. Fill in the checkbox on the Enable Custom menu
  5. Scroll down the screen, then check the Use Fake GPU Info menu, Use Fake CPU / RAM info, and Advanced RAM Spoofing.
  6. Next, the GPU selection menu will appear. You can choose to use the GPU Adreno 540.
  7. Finally, close the application and then open the Arena of Valor game application
  8. Open Settings, then General, then you will find the High Frame Rate menu. Swipe to google to activate it.

Easy and not complicated, right? However, there are drawbacks to this method. One of them is that the Android device must be rooted. In addition, battery consumption is certainly more wasteful because the GLTools application is constantly active in the background.

Well, those are the various ways to increase FPS on AoV games that you can practice on various types of cellphones. Just choose and adjust the conditions, bray.

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