| Enter the Auto-Updated Automatic Channel List

Veezieis a well-known cross-platform media player, its fame is given by the possibility of watchingTV series and films completely free and without advertising. | Enter the Auto-Updated Automatic Channel List | Enter the Auto-Updated Automatic Channel List | Enter the Auto-Updated Automatic Channel List

As known,Veezie is an empty container, as soon as it is installed you will not find absolutely anything inside it, and this is because Veezie does not have any files.

What are Veezie channels?

In order to work, you need to provide alist of channels, which Veezie will use to search for the desired movie or TV series.

This list is a set of links pointing to sites such asOpenLoadorAltadefinizione, where hundreds ofFilms and TV Series are stored within them.

Thanks toVeezie, it is possible to watch both movies and TV series without being invaded by aggressive advertisements and without running the risk of running into dangerous viruses.

Veezie recently added the ability to load all channels directly from anautomatic channel list.

If you don’t want to search for channels manually, but want the list to update automatically at each start, I’ll explain how to insert aself-updated Veezie channel list.

The procedure to insert theveezie self-updated channel listis the same for both PC and Smartphone regardless of Android or Ios.

How to insert the veezie self-updated channel list

  • First, start Veezie and tap on the menu at the top left:
  • The menu containing various items will open, tap on “my channels” and you will see a submenu open.
  • If you have already entered your channels in the past, I suggest you tap on the item “remove channels” and delete the entire list.
  • Now you can tap on the item ” Set automatic channel list
  • Now you will have to insert the link ofthe veezie auto-updated channel listin the box as in the image below.

The link of the veezie auto-augmented channel list to insert is:


Once theauto-updated channellist has been insertedfor veezie, if everything has been done correctly, you will receive the message that the list has been inserted, then press ok to return to the menu.

Now checking in the menu item “My channels” you should see the imported list.

In some cases it can happen that the first import is not successful, even if the message is given that warns of the correct operation, in this case just try and re-import the list.

That’s all, now you no longer have to worry about looking fornew veezie channels, but they will be automatically imported every time the application is started, and this will allow you to haveveezie with always updated channels.

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