5 Instagram Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

Instagram has come a long way. As a photo/video sharing app it has constantly evolved and now, almost every 2 out of 3 people are on Instagram. It is a profitable platform to be on.

You can use it as a leisure app or business or influencer marketing– Instagram is the one-stop destination for all. However, keeping up with the trends and changing the algorithm on Instagram can be challenging.

5 Instagram Statistics Every Marketer Should Know
5 Instagram Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

5 Instagram Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

As a marketer, one’s biggest worry is not knowing what drives the audience to your brand and what drives it away. The complications of understanding it thoroughly are grave.

Thus, knowing Instagram statistics can help you market your products/services better with its insight. Here are the top five Instagram Stats that every marketer should know!

1. Instagram’s Users & Usage

The estimation is Instagram has 1.074 billion users worldwide as of 2021. It is amongst the top five most downloaded apps, presently. This gives you a rough idea about how many users are currently scrolling through the app.

But who are these users? Initially, it was regarded as an app-only used by millennials but, with its growth, the type of users has also increased.

Active Instagram users are still predominantly females until the age of 34 to 35 years. Teens, young adults, Gen-Z, millennials- all the audience that you can market your product to with interest are on Instagram.

It is an app quite frequently used. Instagram users dedicatedly use the application. As much time people spend on Facebook, they also spend on Instagram. The usage is important as it equivalents to the number of ads they see too.

2. Instagram Content

The growth of sponsored content on Instagram is an upward parabola. Due to this organic content growth has fallen. The use of the ad hashtag (#ad) keeps on increasing and is more preferred by the Instagram algorithm.

Brands need to consider supplementing their content with Instagram sponsored ads. The type of content that is most hyped on Instagram presently as carousel posts followed by images and video posts.

With the development of Reels on Instagram, it is now giving a tough competition to TikTok too and that is something a marketer should note.

Another game-changing content a marketer should focus on is our Instagram Stories. The usage of Stories is a great way for a brand to increase visibility as over 500 million users use stories every day.

Moreover, one-third of the most viewed stories result from the brands themselves. For an effective Instagram engagement, strategy stories should remain as one’s staple.

3. Instagram Hashtag

The use of the hashtag is stressed profusely. But, are your hashtags yielding results? What are the stats?

Well, the invention of using hashtags happened on Twitter back in 2007. The concept has blown up and now it is one crucial element in everyone’s social media post. HubSpot notes in 2020 that an average Instagram post has as many as 10.7 hashtags.

However, there is a catch. Just because hashtags are a strategic approach to up your reach, does not mean that you go all out on it. Studies show that engagement decreases for posts with six or more hashtags. Thus, try putting in five or a smaller number of hashtags.

Furthermore, hashtags that are most users don’t yield results as your posts are often lost under them. Targeting hashtags that are averagely used should be the key.

4. Instagram Engagement

For brands, Instagram engagement is on the rise. Thus, brands can generate over 4x more interactions on Instagram than on Facebook. Instagram engagement can come in the form of likes, comments, shares and more recently, saves.

Being a visual content-based app, high engagement comes easy on Instagram. Due to Instagram engagement parameters, creativity and variety in content keep increasing.

For brands and businesses, it effectively improves interactions. A pro tip to increase your engagement by buying Instagram followers for your profile.

5. Brands on Instagram

Coming to brand statistics on Instagram, the organic approach towards Instagram is valuable for both Business-to-Business (B2B) as well as Business-to-Consumer (B2C). It is more important for smaller brands to build brand awareness.

Be wary of growth services like Instalabs as concerned people say Instalabs scam. They have copied some reputed growth services.

Statistics note that people are keener on following brands on Instagram than ever before, giving good competition to Facebook in regards to shopping and ads in the long term. Instagram isn’t directly resulting in sales if there is no proper call-to-action. However, it remains a key ingredient for networking.

For businesses who want to expand their visibility as well as reach, Instagram is the perfect place to be. These five Instagram statistics are proof of why and how your brand should be on Instagram.

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