How to Install AirShou on iOS 11

Do you need to record your iPhone screen? AirShou can really do it for you. Today I will explain 2 ways to install this application on iPhone without having to Jailbreak.

How to Install AirShou on iOS 11
How to Install AirShou on iOS 11

How to Install AirShou on iOS 11

There can be so many reasons why you might need to record what’s happening on your iPhone, maybe for some tutorial or something about your work.

That‘s what AirShou is for.

Many use this app to record videos while playing on the iPhone and then post them on YouTube and Facebook. Like the best known youtuber  Pewdiepie.

AirShou is one of the most popular apps of its kind. It allows you to record the iPhone screen through a simple and intuitive interface.

I would say it is the ideal solution for you.

Well, there is a problem. The app is not present on the App Store and it is not possible to install it according to the traditional method.

Do you know that you are in the right place? Today I will go to reveal the method to install AirShou on iOS 11  without Jailbreak and a second method to install the app without the help of the computer.

Ok, get comfortable because let’s get started right away.


  • iPhone with iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11
  • Computer (PC, Mac or Linux-32 and Linux-64)
  • A USB cable
  • Download  Cydia Impactor on  WindowsMac or Linux

Install AirShou on iOS 11

  • First of all, connect the iPhone to your computer via USB cable
  • Open  Cydia Impactor  from your computer
  • Download the app file:  AirShou IPA
  • As soon as you download it, drag the app’s IPA file to  Cydia Impactor:
  • Authorize the installation of Nds4ios  on iPhone with your Apple ID credentials (username and password)
  • Wait about 1 minute, the maximum time taken by the program to install the app on the iOS device
  • Now open AirShou. You will see a permission issue when opening the app. To fix it, follow the next steps
  • Go to Settings> General> Profile and Device Management
  • Click on your email entry and Accept app verification
  • Open AirShou on iOS 11 :

Install AirShou without a computer

There is also another method to install AirShou on iOS 11 without computer. If you don’t want to use Cydia Impactor and your computer, don’t worry. You can not do it.

There is another way to get  AirShou on your iPhone.

Follow these steps:

  • Install Tweakbox.
  • Open Tweakbox and go to the Apps item
  • Click on TweakBox Apps and then on AirShou :

Please note: don’t worry if it says iOS 9 because it will also work correctly on iOS 11 and above.

  • Another tap on Install App and then again on Install
  • Installation completed.

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