how to Install Phoenix OS Dual Boot with Windows 10

For some people, the name of the Phoenix operating system must be familiar to the ears. But for people who like the world of gaming, surely this operating system is very familiar to their ears.

Yes, the Phoenix operating system is an operating system that can run an android system on a computer or PC. With this operating system, you can download and run Android applications on your computer or PC.

how to Install Phoenix OS Dual Boot with Windows 10
how to Install Phoenix OS Dual Boot with Windows 10

The Phoenix operating system is not the same as an emulator which only has a function as a container to be able to run a system in which there is another system.

But this Phoenix is ​​an operating system that must be installed directly and will become the main system. Therefore, this operating system is perfect for gamers who want to play mobile games on computers or PCs.

How to Install Phoenix OS for Beginners

One of the advantages of this Phoenix operating system is that you don’t need to use a computer or PC with high specifications.

Because only by using a computer with 2 GB RAM and a Dual Core processor, you can run this operating system. That way, the performance of your laptop will be lighter.

For those of you who want to play using the PUBG Mobile game on a PC, you can install this one operating system. The method is also very easy. Here’s how to install phoenix OS.

1. First download the Phoenix OS installer. If you have downloaded the Phoenix OS installer, double click on the installer.

2. Open File Explorer on your computer. Then right click on This PC. And click the Manage menu.

3. When the Computer Management window is displayed. Then click Storage tools. Then click Disk Management tools. Here we will create a disk partition for phoenix OS.

I will split the Disk 1 partition for Phoenix OS. Right-click on the disk partition you wish to split for Phoenix OS. Then click the Shrink Volume menu. Choose a disk that still has plenty of space. Don’t select a disk that’s full of contents.

4. Wait a few moments until the Shrink process is complete.

5. Then set the disk space you want to use for Phoenix OS. Here I only made 25 GB. Type the disk size you will use for Phoenix OS in the Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB section. You can fill it according to your taste. Then click the Shrink button.

6. Then there will be a gray unallocated disk partition. Right-click on the disk partition. Then click the New Simple Volume menu.

7. In the New Simple Volume Wizard window. Click the Next button.

8. Then click the Next button.

9. In the Assign the following drive letter, choose the disk partition name for Phoenix OS. I will choose the name F. You can choose it according to your taste. Then click the Next button.

10. Then in the File Systems, select the NTFS option. And name the Volume label with Phoenix OS> Then click the Next button.

11. Then click the Finish button.

12. If you have double clicked on the Phoenix OS installer, then click the Install button on the main page of the Phoenix OS setup.

13. Choose the disk that you created earlier. Since I am using Disk F for Phoenix OS, so I chose disk F. Click the Next button.

14. Choose the data size you like. But still it must be below the disk size that you set earlier. Here I chose 16 GB because I set the disk size to 25 GB. Click the button Install to continue installing.

15. Wait a few minutes until phoenix OS is finished installing on your hard disk.

16. Make sure that your computer has disabled secure boot. Then a window will appear as shown below. Click the Reboot Now button.

17. Wait for the computer to successfully analyze the Phoenix OS operating system.

18. When finished, the Phoenix OS display will appear as shown. choose the language to be English. Then click the Next button.

19. Then click the Agree button.

20. Click the Skip button.

21. Give the account name phoenix OS. Then click the Finish button.

22. And now you can use phoenix OS.

That’s how to install the Phoenix dual boot operating system with windows 10. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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