IPadOS 13: The Best IPad Tricks You Have To Know

Apple officially published iPadOS 13 , the renowned mobile operating system for iPad. This new version already offers us a slight idea about why the signature of the bitten apple has decided to divide iOS into two platforms. And is that iPadOS 13 has received a lot of exclusive news for iPad.

iPadOS 13: The Best iPad Tricks You Have to Know
iPadOS 13: The Best iPad Tricks You Have to Know

And today we are going to highlight some of these developments. Can you come with us?

iPadOS 13: The Best iPad Tricks You Have to Know

Text selection: Now iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 users have a very good amount of tactile gestures to edit texts. It can be a bit confusing and convoluted at first, but when you get used to it you realize that they are really useful and allow you to save a good amount of time (and movements).

To select text you must slide your finger over the selected text to expand the selection. You can use a double tap to select a word, a triple tap to select a phrase , and a quad touch to select a whole paragraph.

Quick screenshots: Did you know that if you swipe up on the iPad screen with the Apple Pencil you can take a screenshot? In addition, it opens in the iPadOS 13 dialing editor so you can edit and annotate. It is a super useful method to take screenshots if you have the Apple Pencil in your hand and want to share some drawing, document or project you are working on.

Floating keyboard: Apple has incorporated a curious mini floating keyboard in iPadOS 13, which we already did a complete tutorial on how it works in our blog. It is a tiny keyboard with the format of the iPhone version and is ideal for typing with one thumb while holding the tablet with the other hands. In addition, it can be placed anywhere on the screen. Activate it by zooming on the keyboard.

Swipe on the keyboard: There is a new functionality on the keyboard that allows users to swipe the keys to form words more quickly. It can be activated from Settings> General> Keyboard but in iPadOS 13 it is only available for the floating keyboard, which is quite reasonable.

Home screen: One of the most outstanding news of iPadOS 13 resides on its Home screen. As you have surely been able to verify, the application icons are now much smaller, and also do not change position when you rotate the screen when changing to another orientation.

But this is not all, in addition Apple allows you to include the widgets of your favorite apps on one side of the Home Screen. Swipe right and you will see it. Press “Edit” to add new widgets.

Scroll bar: When you are browsing an extensive Safari web page, try scrolling with the new scroll bar. It is located on the right side of the application, and will allow you to explore the content of the website in a much more efficient and fast way.

You just have to keep your finger pressed on the scroll bar and move it up or down.

Text cursor: Moving the text cursor is also much faster and more convenient. It is over to keep the finger pressed to make the magnifying glass appear and place the cursor carefully. Now if you move the cursor with your finger the answer is immediate and by holding your finger the cursor becomes slightly larger so you can have good control over its positioning in the text.

Cut, copy and paste: Another of those improved tactile gesture methods is to cut, copy and paste text. Pinch with three fingers to copy, zoom with three fingers to paste and use the copy gesture twice to cut .

Well, these have been some of the tricks we wanted to recommend for iPadOS 13, but there are many more … We will encourage you to discover them in future publications and tutorials. Slowly! Go testing these, and when you have them well assimilated, we follow the class!

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