How to Keep Your Hands Off Social Media While Studying

Social media has always been quite a bugger for not only students but also working people as well. And now, when the world is gradually shifting towards remote work and studying, they become even more dangerous.

Keep Your Hands Off Social Media While Studying
Keep Your Hands Off Social Media While Studying

How to Keep Your Hands Off Social Media While Studying

The thing is that while we’re at home, we’re more relaxed and, thus, more prone to checking out messages, stories, and other means of distraction posed by social media.

And that’s not really a good thing as it can negatively affect our productivity, which can be particularly disastrous for students. Luckily, there are some basic ways to keep out of social media while studying.

It’s All About Willpower… and Creativity

Getting your hands busy on a rather cloudy day can be a necessity, especially during a boring lecture on Zoom or discussion occupied entirely by the nerds.

Or the situation can be quite the opposite, it’s sunny outside, and you feel like you’re missing something, so it might be a good idea to compensate that with something like a newsfeed on Facebook.

Compensating your boredom from studies with social media is not good at all, in fact, as it not only distracts you from your studies but also doesn’t compensate for all that fun that you can have.

That means you need to look deeper into the problem and eliminate it entirely. While many would say that that takes willpower, some would point out that creativity does a lot here as well. The following tips should help you out focusing on your homework for good.

Turn off alarms and notifications.

Instead of hiding your gadget for good and, maybe, feeling slightly paranoid, simply eliminate your social media reminders.

It’s much easier to get distracted when you constantly hear a bell telling you that there’s something you might miss at the moment. It’s a simple and basic trick, but boy, it does work.

Make a to-do list.

Again, quite an obvious thing, however, still requires some time to get to and some creativity to actually organize. The point here is to create as detailed a study plan as possible.

Think about how many pages you’ll write within the first 45 minutes. What exactly are you going to do during the first 15-minute break?

Try to think of as many useful actions as possible and shove them into your study schedule as tightly as possible. And it’s fine if you don’t manage to do all of them, the important thing here is not to do anything, not from the list. After some time, this will turn into a habit, and you’ll be able to study without such lists or any distractions.

Get professional help.

Many students seek professional assistance nowadays. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Burnout is a real thing and even students feel it from time to time.

To have some spare time and spend it on more important subjects or just to relax, search for write my essay service. Only experienced writers are assigned to your project, so no need to be worried about results.

Find a productive distraction.

You won’t believe it, but sometimes, you can find something actually useful to distract you too. This could be some kind of modern blog related to your subject.

Alternatively, you can help yourself with your writing by looking through Lets Grade It and finding some great essay sample websites. There are lots of interesting things out there on the internet that are much more interesting than social media.

Set yourself a pace.

If you’re a music fan, you’re going to love this. While this is another rather obvious trick, it’s often underestimated and not approached properly. The thing is that not all kinds of music are fit for studying for you in particular.

Some love writing their homework while listening to the burning up-tempo jazz, while others prefer smooth pop ballads or rhythmless ambient music. This method works efficiently only if you make some effort to make it work.

Find your productive time zone.

Different people can work productively at different times of the day. Some work better around noon, while others can handle anything sometime around 7 pm. This might be a bit of a trial study of yourself, yet it’s certainly worth all the effort.

Self-Exploratory Journey

Self-Exploratory Journey
Self-Exploratory Journey

As you develop your productivity routine, you may find out lots of new things about yourself. Studies are important for any student indeed yet working on oneself is always relevant. Starting as early as in high school or college can have a large payoff in the future, the further you go, the better you get at improving yourself.

While there’s no limit to perfection, you can always get as close as you can to it to become one of the best. Learning how not to distract from social media and modern gadgets in the 21st century has lots of benefits that go far beyond just focusing on the current issues.


Not spending a day without a new discovery, Michael confidently goes forward in his career. He believes that learning new things, however, is not enough to truly develop oneself. That’s why he finds a way to share all that knowledge with you every day.

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