Keyword Surfer | How To Use For Keyword Research

Keyword Surfer: It’s been a long time since the admin didn’t discuss keyword research tools,this time the admin wants to introducekeyword surfers,maybe some people don’t know this free keyword research tool. because most people use keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, and other keyword research tools.

Keyword Surfer | How To Use For Keyword Research
Keyword Surfer | How To Use For Keyword Research

Keyword Surfer | How To Use For Keyword Research

What is Keyword Surfer?

Keyword surferis a free extension that can help you see the search volume directly in the search results of google search, by using keyword surfer you can find information on the search volume of keywords and they will also provide information about the cpc of the keywords you are aiming for.

Above is an example if you use keyword surfer to do keyword research from the picture above they provide search volume directly through google search and how much the cpc price if you target certain keywords.

We take the example of ” keywords how to find keywords for SEO“. from these keywords we find a search volume of 260 people and a cpc of $ 5.85 dollars per click

Keyword Surfer also makes it easy for you to find the best keywords and can also help plan your article content ideas. so you don’t need to be afraid of running out of article content ideas for your blog because by using keyword surfer you can target keywords and do as much keyword research without having to pay a dime.

Keyword Surfer Features

  • Search volume for your primary keyword
  • Similar keywords with their volumes and similarity score
  • Estimated traffic for a domain of each top-ranking page
  • Related searches with their volumes
  • Word count for top-ranking pages
  • Number of exact keywords used on top-ranking pages
  • Cost per click (CPC) for your primary keyword

For video documentation of keyword surfer or you don’t understand my article, you can see video documentation of keyword surfer to make it clearer and don’t hesitate to use the keyword surfer extension.

How to Use Keyword Surfer

After we discuss what the keyword surfer is and what are the uses and features of the keyword surfer in this article, I will also discuss how to use the keyword surfer for keyword research or for keyword research.

before you use the surfer keyword, you must first install the surfer keyword extension on your google chrome by opening the following link that clickadd to chrome.

Now there is a notification, just click add an extension,wait a few seconds, you see it in the menu in the far right corner

Well here we have successfully installed the keyword surfer on Google Chrome, after that I will search for a keyword on Google search.

Well here I have searched for the seo keyword and found how much the search volume for the keyword is and found the CPC price for the seo keyword, here we cannot confirm whether the search volume for the seo keyword that I typed in google search is accurate or not to look for the seo keyword. we change the country in the keyword surfer feature.

in the menu icon for the country image that I marked, click and change it.

After changing the country, we are looking for a keyword idea from the seo keyword because the keyword surfer is all in one and a powerful keyword research tool, in my personal opinion, keyword surfer is the most powerful keyword research tool because it is able to target keywords accurately and directly. we do keyword research on google search.

How to Find Keyword Ideas Using Keyword Surfer

I have proven it, the question is, do I use a paid keyword research tool? No, I use a keyword research tool like Keyword Surfer and to analyze the keywords I use Google Keyword Planner.

To be able to appear on page one of Google, everyone can do it. This is motivation for my budding blogger friends, don’t be afraid to target keywords, whether it’s a low search volume keyword or a high keyword search volume, because they can do it, why can’t we? there are still many roads to rome, if you stop and give up now is not the time.

Because my motivation is even though my article is stuck on page 2 over time and over time it will be page one too, but we can’t just stand by and just give up trying to get your article, you put a backlink so you can go up on google serp.


If you are afraid to target high or low volume search keywords, what have you lost? you haven’t fought yet, you’ve given up on the principles of my life, I’ll try it first, if it fails, I’ll correct what the shortcomings of the article.

I wrote are, whether the article I discussed is not in-depth, or doesn’t have a structure h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 or misplaced the derivative keyword in the article that I made, thank you so much, I hope this article is useful for all my blogger friends.

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