Know About Disney’s Streaming Service

Disney has finally lifted the curtain on its streaming service to compete with Netflix. It is called Disney + and will be launched in many contries.

Know About Disney's Streaming Service
Know About Disney’s Streaming Service

Know About Disney’s Streaming Service

The dazzling success of Netflix and Hulu sparked a trend and worried traditional cable and satellite TV companies. We knew that Disney had been about to enter this market for some time, but we now have more concrete details on when it arrived, what you will be able to watch and how much it will cost.

When can I watch Disney +?

Unfortunately for Europeans, you will have to wait a little longer than our North American friends to start watching Disney +. Like Netflix and Apple TV +, licensing and various privacy and tax laws make it harder for providers. It is not as simple as simply deploying your service worldwide at the same time.

In the United States, the launch date is confirmed for November 12, 2019. We now have confirmation that Disney + will be launched in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France and Spain on March 31, 2020. In Australia and in New Zealand, the streaming service, which includes all Star Wars and Marvel movies and TV series, will launch on November 19, 2019.

The official prices are still not known in Europe, but we expect that to correspond substantially to what has already been announced in the United States and Canada, where Disney + is ahead of Netflix by a few dollars per month.

What can I watch on Disney +?

Disney already owns Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox, and you can expect spinoffs from its extensive library of TV and movie licenses. The Simpsons, which was part of the deal with 20th Century Fox, will be there as well.

Three original Marvel-based TV shows are also under development for the platform. One will center Loki from the Thor movies, the other will feature two characters from The Avengers – Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), and another will focus on the Captain America franchise and will feature Falcon (Anthony Mackie ).

Disney has also confirmed a Star Wars spin-off titled The Mandalorian. It will be Diego Luna who will play the role of Cassien Andor. All original and pre-Star Wars movies will also be streamed, as will all upcoming Disney releases.

As Netflix does with its original content, all new movie releases will be exclusive to Disney +. The Disney content that is currently on Netflix and other streaming platforms will be removed, and the process has already started.

Disney + will also be a treasure for fans of classic family films thanks to the company’s Vault system. The promise, according to CEO Bob Iger, is to make “the entire Disney Cinematheque” available.

The service, which supports 4K and HDR formats, will be available on connected TVs and mobile devices. Disney has promised that in its first year, it will release more than 25 original series and 10 original films, documentaries and specials “from some of the most prolific and creative storytellers in the industry”.

You can see the full list of confirmed content below:

Marvel Studios:

  • The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: a live action series with Anthony Mackie in the role of the Falcon and Sebastian Stan resuming his role played in Winter Soldier
  • WandaVision: a series of live action with Elizabeth Olsen in the role of Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany resuming her role played in The Vision.
  • Marvel’s What If …? : the first animated series from Marvel Studios inspired by the comics of the same name. Each episode will explore a pivotal moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Walt Disney Animation Studios:

  • Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2: a series of documentaries showing the hard work and imagination that go into making one of the most anticipated films of the Walt Disney animation studios of all time.

Pixar Animation Studios:

  • Toy Story-based projects Forky Asks a Question: a series of animated short films, and the short film Lamp Life

National Geographic :

  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum: a documentary series in which Goldblum draws the curtain on an apparently familiar object to reveal a world of amazing connections, fascinating science and lots of great ideas.
  • Magic of the Animal Kingdom: a documentary series that takes spectators behind the scenes with animal trainers, veterinarians and biologists from Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Epcot’s SeaBase Aquarium.

Disney Television Animation:

  • The Phineas and Ferb Movie (working title): an animated film starring many original voices.

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