Laptop Touchpad Not Working: Here’s the Cause and How to Fix it

Laptop touchpad not working– those of you who own a laptop must have experienced some problems with the device. One of them is when thetouchpadcan’t work properly.

Laptop Touchpad Not Working
Laptop Touchpad Not Working

This is definitely annoying because the control on the laptop can only be done from the touchpad. Therefore, to be able to solve and find a solution, you must know the cause of thetouchpadnot working.

Laptop Touchpad Not Working: Here’s the Cause and How to Fix it

There are many things that can cause thetouchpad tonot work. The simplest cause is because thetouchpad islocked. If the cause is locked, it can still be solved easily using a combination of several keyboard keys.

So what if it’s caused by something else? Well, here are some other causes and how to overcome them.

1. Touchpad Driver Not Up to Date

The most often underestimated cause that causes thetouchpad tonot work is thedriver. It could be because the laptop doesn’t have thetouchpaddriver installed on the laptop, or it’s already installed but hasn’t beenupdated.

Usually when reinstalling, thetouchpaddrivercan be deleted too, so you have to install thetouchpaddriver again.

Another possibility is that thedriverisout of date. For this second cause, the solution is to update thetouchpad driverto the latest version.

To update the touchpad driver, do the following:

  • go to menu ‘Device Manager
  • Then select ‘Your PC
  • then select the option ‘Mice and other pointing device
  • After that, right-click on the ‘Update Driver Software‘ menu.
  • Then click on the option ‘search automatically for updated driver software
  • follow the update process until it’s finished

2. There is a Mouse Software

The next cause that can also cause thetouchpad tonot work is because of themousesoftware. Many laptop users who use amousethen install mouse software for various needs.

Unfortunately, it is precisely thismousesoftwarethat can cause thetouchpad to not work properly. Therefore, if you are usingmousesoftware, the solution so that thetouchpadcan work again is to remove themousesoftware.

3. Laptop Operating System

Cases like this are the most common cases, where thetouchpaddoes not function normally, even after the laptop is reinstalled.

If you feel that thetouchpad isnot working properly after reinstalling, then the cause of the touchpad not being able to be used is because of the operating system.

This can happen if the operating system crashes or some other error. To fix this, you can start by fixing theregisterwhere thetouchpad isset. If it is not possible, then you will have to reinstall your laptop.

4. Damaged Due to Virus Attack

Do not think if the virus only attacks the inside of the laptop which can damage the system and even files on the laptop. This virus attack can even cause operating system failure, even though this operating system is in charge of controlling thehardware(hardware) including thetouchpadin it.

If the operating system that manages the hardware is infected with a virus, thetouchpadwill also be affected which makes it not work. The solution to this is to do a scan. Use an antivirus that already has atop-ratedstatus or the most powerful antivirus.

If you have found the most powerful antivirus, the next step is just to do thescanningprocess to all files on the laptop. After thescanningprocess is complete, clean the detected viruses. Then,restartyour laptop. If it’s on, check your Laptop’stouchpad again, whether it’s working or not.

5. Touchpad Off

This point is the most common reason why thetouchpaddoesn’t work, which is accidentally putting thetouchpadin the off mode.

This can happen because the inactive/active touchpadbuttons can be done using a combination of keyboard keys. If this happens, you don’t need to worry because it’s very easy to fix.

How to solve a laptop touchpad that doesn’t work because this can be done in two ways. First, enable the disabledtouchpadwith a keyboard key combination and second, through settings.

a. Via key combination (Hotkeys)

The key combination that can be used to activate a disabled touchpad varies depending on the laptop.

Generally, it is a combination of Fn+F5orFn+F6. Choose one of the two that has the function of activating thetouchpad board on your laptop.

b. Via settings (Settings)

The second way to enable the touchpad board that is accidentally disabled is through the settings:

  • First, go to theStart Menuor you can open it by pressing the keyboard key with the Windows logo.
  • After that, go to the ‘Device ‘ menu option. In this menu there will be many device options that can be set. Select on the ‘Mouse and Touchpad‘ option. After that click on the ‘Additional Mouse Options‘ option.
  • After clicking on the menu, the settings window for the mouse will appear. Select on the ‘Device Options‘ menu then select on ‘enable mouse‘. In this window you will be shown the status of yourtouchpad, whether it is active or not. If it’s inactive, then activate it immediately.

If you use a laptop with the Windows 10 Operating system, the settings for enabling thetouchpadare slightly different. Here are the steps:

  • First go to ‘Start
  • Then select ‘Settings
  • then select on ‘Devices
  • finally select on the option ‘Touchpad
  • Then change the touchpad position fromOfftoOn

These are some of the causes and how to fix the laptoptouchpadnot working. Just follow all the steps above, Guaranteed yourtouchpadcan work properly again. Hope it’s useful!

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