The Top 10 Legal YouTube Channels For Cord Cutters

Best Legal YouTube Channels for Cord Cutters : A good way to watch live TV is often to use YouTube. Since the company started offering live streaming in May 2013, several TV networks have begun offering 24/7 feeds of their channels.

The Top 10 Legal YouTube Channels For Cord Cutters

The Top 10 Legal YouTube Channels for Cord Cutters

Here are some of the best live channels on YouTube that any cable cutter should use.

1.Sky News

Sky News is a 24/7 news channel based in the UK, broadcast for almost 30 years.

The YouTube channel is the international version of the network. The content is the same as in the UK, but there are no UK ads. Instead of announcements, you will see frequent global weather updates.

The channel broadcasts articles on world titles, business, sports, entertainment and other trends.

2.NASA Live

NASA Live is a television channel funded by the US government. It offers a mix of live feeds from satellites, educational content and pre-recorded TV shows on the theme of space. You will also find live images of space releases, launches and press conferences.

Because NASA TV is a public domain channel, anyone can broadcast it. However, the YouTube channel is an official stream of the government agency.

3.Bloomberg Global News

Bloomberg is one of the most famous names in the business sector. If you want to keep up to date with market information, financial news, economic reports and the latest political news, this channel is for you.

Bloomberg is the only one of the major commercial channels to make its content available for free. Others, such as CNBC and Fox Business Network, require a cable or satellite subscription.

You’ll also find many content on demand in Bloomberg’s YouTube archive, which allows you to follow your favorite show if you’ve missed it.

4.Talking Tom and Friends

Here is one for children. For the uninitiated, Talking Tom and Friends started life as an application featuring anthropomorphic animal characters repeating the user’s words.

After an early success, the franchise has grown. There are now 10 television episodes, almost 60 minis and more than 45 short films. All video content is replayed on a random loop on the official YouTube TV channel.

The orientation of the channel indicates that the content is suitable only for children at least six years old.

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