How to Level-up Faster in Maplestory | Tips for Endless Levelling

Maplestory is a game that has been around for more than two decades. The initial release of the game was in 2003, and it has been continuously updated by the developers to keep up with modern-day life. But one problem that all MapleStory players have faced at some point or another is leveling up fast enough.

How to Level-up Faster in Maplestory
How to Level-up Faster in Maplestory

How to Level-up Faster in Maplestory: Tips for Endless Levelling

This blog post will provide you with tips on how you can level up faster so you can start playing your favorite parts of the game sooner!

How to Level-up Faster in Maplestory
How to Level-up Faster in Maplestory
  • Do quests: There are many different types of quests throughout MapleStory, some of which take only 5 minutes to complete while others may take hours. If someone needs help and they’re currently not busy, then offer them your assistance, so they don’t have to wait so long.
  1. If they have a quest that you don’t want to do, then go ahead and ask them how much gold it’s worth in the market before deciding whether or not to help them with their task (you can also see how many stars it has).
  2. Some quests won’t give any rewards, but others will provide fairly decent amounts of experience points which is why we recommend doing some every now and again. Just make sure you’re earning more than what you spend for potions such as MapleStory M Mesos, elixirs, etc.!
How to Level-up Faster in Maplestory
How to Level-up Faster in Maplestory
  • Level up your low-level characters: Leveling up lower levels doesn’t take very long at all compared to how much time high leveled players need for just one level. That’s why it might be worth your while to level up a few low-leveled characters. You can also check the maplestory training guide for how to level up faster in Maplestory.
  • Find a good guild: You’ll be spending most of your time in the game with them, and they’re how you get a lot of bonuses. You should join one, but make sure it’s not too hardcore or has high requirements such as requiring people to donate money on top of just playing the game. The best part about this strategy is how fast levelling becomes after reaching max level as everyone gains an order of magnitude increase!
  • Focus on levelling up rather than being active in trading marketplaces: The reason is because there are many restrictions against how much time traded items last before they disappear. This means that if somebody buys an item from someone else who might have been using macros to farm mesos, it would be a waste of time because they will most likely disappear before the buyer even has the chance to use it.
  • Another way to level up faster in Maplestory is by farming Mesos: Meso farms are where monsters respawn infinitely and drop high amounts of money, which means that players have more opportunities to get rich quickly. Most people recommend using their professions for this, such as blacksmithing or fishing, so that they gain experience while levelling up at the same time!
  • Get stronger weapons or armor so that you are better equipped for tougher monsters: There are many different tiers of gear for each profession, and it is important to get stronger weapons when you have the chance so that your character gets more experience from battles.
  • Keep on grinding for more experience points: If you have run out of quests or are focusing on just one profession as opposed to all three, then try using “auto-grinding” methods such as repeatable questlines, farming treasures in dungeons with friends, etc. This way, you’ll be able to keep leveling faster than before!
  • Focus on inventory: Ensure to have an inventory full of potions, food, and other supplies for emergencies. Traveling in MapleStory can be dangerous, and you never know when you might need a healing potion or how many recovery points your character has.
  • Keep levelling up skills: Your job skill level is important to keep at the same time as increasing the levels of your combat skills. You will get higher-tier quests that are more difficult to complete if you don’t focus on leveling up other kinds of jobs too!
  • Save money for special occasions: One way to save money is by making sure not to spend it all on food, potions, repair costs, etc. It’s also vital not only to save but to invest in some stocks so that they grow over time!
  • Don’t forget to equip runes on your equipment: they’re important because they help boost stats like strength, defense, accuracy, etc. Runes are pretty cheap to buy, but they can be quite expensive if you try and craft them yourself.
  • Get more EXP from duels: Dueling is one way to give yourself an edge when leveling up because you’ll gain more EXP than usual every time you win a duel against another player. It’s important to note, though, that this only applies to players who have reached level 30 or higher, so don’t waste your time trying elsewhere!
  • Participate in dungeons: Dungeons are a good way to give yourself an edge when leveling up because you’ll earn more EXP than usual every time that you run one. It’s important to remember, though, this only applies once you reach level 30 or higher, so don’t waste your time running dungeons elsewhere!
  • Use the Maplestory Demolish System: The demolish system is how maples can clear away their inventory of items they no longer want in exchange for Mesos, which can then be used as currency in-game. This may seem like a pointless process, but it actually does help quite a bit with leveling up faster! You get extra experience points every time you use the demolish system and also if anyone picks up what was dropped by someone who wants to use the demolish system.
  • Use Maple World Leap: Maple world leap is a service that lets you teleport to any location in Maplestory at no cost and with unlimited uses! It’s important to use this feature as often as possible because it will save you so much time running around trying to get somewhere !! You can also read up on how you can take your character anywhere for free!


It’s important to level up fast enough so you can enjoy all the aspects of Maplestory and not just stare at how high your character’s level is! So make sure you use the tips in this article to help speed up how quickly you level!

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