How to Level Up Ragnarok X

After previously we shared the classes contained in the Ragnarok X game, this time we will share a Quick Way to Level Up Ragnarok X: Next Generation for Beginners. Leveling itself is a way to level up in the game.

How to Level Up Ragnarok X
How to Level Up Ragnarok X

Every time you level up, there are status and skill points that are useful for increasing your character’s ability to defeat every enemy you meet. As a new game, many of you also really want to get high levels quickly at the beginning of the game.

Well, this opportunity we will give you a guide on how to quickly level up in Ragnarok X Next Generation. Are you curious? Let’s take a look at the following review.

How To Level Up Ragnarok X: Next Generation

The method that we provide below is based on playing experience. If you have other methods or tips, you can share them in the comments column. Here’show to quickly level up in Ragnarok X Next Generation:

Quest Board/Main Quest

The first way to increase your level is to complete the Quest Board. This is the most basic way to level up quickly in ROX games. All novice players will be given a tutorial on how to run this board mission. There are 10 missions available every day that will reset at 5 am.

Each mission is fairly easy because there is anauto pathfinding system. You just need to tap on each of the quests that appear and let your character walk alone to the scene. Each mission has a decent base reward and job EXP to raise your level.

Odin’s Blessing Training Point

The next leveling method is to hunt monsters with Odin’s Blessing active. Odin’s Blessing is a feature in Ragnarok X that you can find on the round button next totheHP and SPbarsin the top left corner.

This feature provides bonus EXP, zenny, drop rate, and stamina when defeating monsters. To get it you have to defeat monsters when Odin’s Blessing points are filled. If the points are empty, you won’t get any bonuses. The way to fill Odin’s Blessing points is to complete the Quest Board and hang out at Prontera.

Odin’s Blessing bonus only applies when defeating a monster with a range ofsix levels. More specifically, the monster cannot be seven levels lower or higher than the player. Defeating monsters outside thatrange, you will not get any bonuses.

The Odin’s Blessing feature also provides easy monster recommendations for you to fight according to level. If you want solo leveling as well as auto farming, it’s better to choose monsters according to the recommendations so they don’t die easily.

Completing Instances

The next step you have to do to level up is by completing Instances. If you have completed the Main Quest at least until the Sewer Vault against the Golden Thief Bug, MVP instances will be available in the city of Izlude, to be precise at the Criatura Academy.

Instance itself is divided into two modes, namely normal and hard, make sure you choose according to your abilities. If you successfully complete the instance, you will get rewards such as EXP and MVP drops.

To enter the instance, you need a party. Teamwork is very necessary because each MPV has an attack pattern that you need to learn. Every day there will be a reward limit for completing an instance, which is three times. More than three times, no additional rewards you get.

Complete COC Missions

This method is quite easy, just like the quest board, the pole is Zenny. Look for NPC COC Missions in cities like Prontera or Izlude. The NPC is a man in a suit with dark glasses.

Make sure you select the COC Missions you want to do. There are three types of missions, each of whichrewardsheadgeargacha coins, equipment, and cards. The mission is to collect materials or materials from monsters.

It may sound difficult and inconvenient, but don’t worry because there are surefire tips. The point is Zenny. If you lack or do not have materials for the mission, just choose submit or collect. Then tap on the source option where to find the material you need.

Following Carnival

The quick way to level up in the next Ragnarok X Next Generationis to join the Carnival. You can find Carnival between the Rewards menu and the Academy Handbook. In this Carnival feature you can find EXP and Zeny while completing daily activities.

  • OX Quiz:Players with extensive knowledge will definitely love this Carnival. Later you will be collected in an area with a choice of True (O) or False (X). Each player must be able to guess the quiz correctly. If you answer a lot of questions correctly, the prizes you get will be of higher quality.

AFK Grinding Mode

The quick way to level up in the last Ragnarok X Next Generation is to do AFK when you are grinding. This is the last resort if you have run out of activities such as main quests, side quests,Carnival, and Odin Blessing quota.

Although the EXP you will get when hunting without Odin Blessing will be smaller, but this is better than doing nothing. To do AFKgrinding, make sure you invite friends or do a party.

Do the above leveling methods every day to level up as quickly as possible.

Those are the basic tips for leveling Ragnarok X: Next Generation that we have summarized for those of you who are beginners. Do you guys have any other tips? Don’t forget to write in the comments column.

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