List of Online Ojek Applications

Online Ojek Applications: The booming online motorcycle taxis is a blessing in itself for users of public transportation, because it provides the convenience and practicality that have been longed for.

Only armed with smartphones and an online motorcycle taxi application, they can easily get drivers without having to go to the ojek base and wait a long time.

List of Online Ojek Applications
List of Online Ojek Applications

Many online transportation companies are competing to provide the best offers to attract many customers.

Not only transporting humans, they also offer other services that are no less useful, for example, couriers delivering goods, food/beverage buyers, ticket buyers and many more.

List of Online Ojek Applications


Talking about online motorcycle taxis in Indonesia, surely GO-JEK will immediately enter your brain. This is very reasonable because GO-JEK can indeed be called the pioneer of the online motorcycle taxi application in the country.

Thanks to its service and innovation, GO-JEK is the biggest online motorcycle taxi application in Indonesia and even to several neighboring countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines.

As the largest online motorcycle taxi application, this startup developed by Nadiem Makarim does not only serve GO-RIDE (ojek).

There are many services offered by the GO-JEK application, including GO-FOOD (ordering food), GO-CAR (4-wheeled transportation), GO-SEND (courier service), GO-MART (shopping for household needs) and many more.

2. Grab

Apart from GO-JEK, there is also Grab, which is by far the biggest competitor of GO-JEK. Through the Grab application, you can easily order the mode of transportation you want.

Starting from motorbikes, cars (black plates), taxis to ordering services between goods and documents. You don’t need to go anywhere, just wait at the location agreed with the driver.

There are 4 main services offered by Grab to the Indonesian public, namely GrabBike (online motorcycle taxi), GrabCar (black plate car), GrabTaxi (if you want to order a conventional taxi company) and GrabExpress (service between packages).

Regarding payment methods, you can choose between direct payments/cash, credit cards, e-Wallets and many more.

3. Anterin

The next online motorcycle taxi application is Anterin, which is already operating in around 50 cities in Indonesia.

This application is also quite popular, where there are around 300 thousand drivers who have registered at Anterin and have served more than 500 thousand customers.

Uniquely, through this application, customers can choose drivers according to the rates they set, so it can be cheaper than usual.

4. Maxim

Maxim is an online transportation and ride-sharing company based in Russia. This application is very popular and is already operating in many countries, one of which is Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the online motorcycle taxi application is still very limited, because so far it only exists in a few big cities in the country, such as Jakarta, Bandung and Balikpapan.

What is unique about this maxim is that users can choose tariffs according to their taste, namely economy and comfort.

You can choose economy for an affordable cost, but if you are more concerned with comfort during the trip, you can choose comfort. Since entering Indonesia in 2018, Maxim has been able to compete with old players such as GO-JEK and Grab.

5. Get Indonesia

The next online motorcycle taxi application is Get Indonesia, which has served customers in more than 30 cities in the archipelago.

This application, which is headquartered in Surabaya, is quite popular, where around 100 thousand people have used it. Apart from Get Bike (motorcycle taxi), this application also serves Get Car (car) and Get Food (buy food).


ASIA TRANS is also an online motorcycle taxi application that is popular in Indonesia, where it has been used by more than 100,000 people.

As for the driver application, around 500 drivers have registered to become ASIA TRANS partners. In addition to making it easier for customers, this application certainly opens up wide employment opportunities for anyone.

Apart from being able to pay with cash, customers can also pay using an electronic wallet which is very convenient.

Just like other online motorcycle taxi applications, ASIA TRANS also provides food purchase services. Business people in the culinary field can now partner with ASIA TRANS and register their business on the application.

7. Bonceng

An online motorcycle taxi application that you can try next is Bonceng, which has been used by more than 100 thousand people on Android. To attract customers’ attention and interest, Bonceng eliminates transaction fees that are commonly charged by other applications.

This application also applies zoning, so that from one region to another there is a clear difference in tariffs.

Besides being able to order motorcycle taxis online, you can also order cars, send packages or documents to various destinations to order food and drinks.

This application, which is very thick with the taste of the archipelago, can be an easy option when you need to go somewhere or want to eat something but are lazy to leave the house.

8. Okay Jack

The next no less popular online motorcycle taxi application is Oke Jack, which so far has served customers in dozens of cities in Indonesia.

Even though it is not as popular as its rival applications, Oke Jack is very thorough in providing easy transportation to customers. In addition to two-wheeled transportation, Oke Jack also serves car transportation, delivers goods and orders food.

9. Nujek – Nusantara Ojek

The next online transportation application option is Nujek-Nusantara Ojek, which is no less popular than competing applications.

This application is already operating in several major cities in Indonesia and has succeeded in hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Through this application, you can order motorcycle taxis, taxis, send packages, order food/drinks and shopping services and much more.


Furthermore, there is TEKNO, a multipurpose application to fulfill daily needs and at the same time get additional income.

Through this application, you can make purchases and payments for digital products at competitive prices, transportation, order between goods and much more. TEKNO has reliable riders, so you don’t have to worry about safety.

There are several services offered by TEKNO, namely:

  • TPay, a sales service for cellphone credit and electricity tokens at competitive prices
  • TJek, a transportation service
  • TDrop, delivery service for goods/packages
  • TFood, food and purchase services
  • TShop, a shopping service for various needs

11. SheJek

As the name implies, SheJek is an online motorcycle taxi application specifically for women, whether from passengers or drivers.

It is undeniable that in addition to providing convenience, online motorcycle taxis are also prone to being misused as a guise of crime, especially against women. Now, through this SheJek application, you will feel safer when ordering transportation online.

12. OjekArgo

OjekArgo uses a digital meter to calculate travel fares, so users can monitor for themselves how much they have spent during the trip.

In this online motorcycle taxi application, every KM is pegged at IDR 1,500, with a minimum order of IDR 10,000 or more than 4 KM. It’s easy again, you don’t need to register and provide personal data if you want to use this application.

Through the online motorcycle taxi application, you can get whatever you want easily and comfortably. Not only transportation problems, you can easily overcome stomach problems without being complicated.

Not only that, online motorcycle taxi applications also often hold events and promos, which allow you to take advantage of their services at discounted prices.

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