Complete List Of Voice Actors In Genshin Impact

Voice Actors in Genshin Impact: Genshin Impact has 24 playable characters. Each character has unique characteristics, one of which is the voice. Each character has two voice versions, an English version and a Japanese version.

Complete List of Voice Actors in Genshin Impact
Complete List of Voice Actors in Genshin Impact

Complete List of Voice Actors in Genshin Impact

For those who want to know the voice actors in thegameGenshin Impact, here is a list of voice actors in English and Japanese.

1. Voiced by Genshin Impact characters from Mondstadt

There are 15 of the 24 characters in Genshin Impact from Mondstadt City. The English and Japanese versions of the voice actors are listed below.

Genshin Impact Voiced by Mondstadt City in English

  • Jean: Stephanie Southerland voices English for this female character. Her voice was warm and soft.
  • Amber: The English voice actor for this free character is Kelly Baskin with a pretty high pitch. Kelly’s ringing voice sounds young and energetic which goes well with lovely Amber.
  • Lisa: Mana Junot voices Lisa’s English, whose voice sounds quite mature and secret. Her voice matched this beautiful witch very well.
  • Kaeya: Josey Montana McCoy voices the English language for this swordsman character. The young man had a light and gentle voice, so it sounded warm and sweet to the ears.
  • Barbara: This young lady’s English voice is played by Laura Stahl who has a warm and gentle tone.
  • Diluc: Sean Chiplock is the English voice actor for theS-tiercharacter Diluc. His baritone voice sounded sexy, cool, and a little cold.
  • Razor: Todd Haberkorn voiced English for this cool character. Razor said “Thewolf is his family“.
  • Venti: Venti’s delightful and lovely voice was filled by Erika Harlacher.
  • Klee: Klee’s voice with high notes and childish played by Poonam Basu. Klee is a 5 star character with immense power.
  • Bennett: Cristina Vee Valenzuela voices English for the Bennett boy in Genshin Impact. Even though Cristina is an actress, her voice still fits the male character.
  • Noelle: Noelle’s English voice is filled by Laura Faye Smith, who has a loud and cheerful tone.
  • Fischl: Brittany Cox has a sexy voice that suits this mysterious girl completely.
  • Sucrose, Diona, and Mona: English voice actors have not been announced.

Voiced by Mondstadt City Genshin Impact in Japanese

  • Jean: SAITO Chiwa. This Japanesedubberhas a cool and authoritative tone.
  • Amber: IWAMI Manaka. Her loli voice sounded very cheerful and sweet.
  • Lisa: TANAKA Rie. She has a very sexy and sweet voice.
  • Kaeya: TORIUMI Kohsuke. This man’s voice sounded warm and very friendly.
  • Barbara: KITO Akari. The sound of sweet and warm loli is also in Genshin Impact which can make your heart melt.
  • Diluc: ONO Kenshou. This emotionless and cold voice matches Diluc’s personality and abilities perfectly.
  • Razor: UCHIYAMA Kouki. The bass sound is impressive and reliable.
  • Venti: MURASE Ayumu. Every player will be attracted by this beautiful Shota voice.
  • Klee: ANCIENT Misaki. This Japanesedubbersounds lovely and sweet loli.
  • Bennett: OUSAKA Ryouta. Players may often hear his voice in someanime.
  • Noelle: TAKAO Kanon. This voice will make us think of the lovely and caring maids in manyanime
  • Fischl: UCHIDA Maaya. Like this character’s English voice actor, the Japanese version of Fischl also has a sexy and mysterious voice.
  • Sucrose: FUJITA Akane. The sound of sucrose loli sounds very beautiful and makes the heart tremble.
  • Diona: IZAWA Shiori. This loli has a really cooltone.
  • Mona: KOHARA Konomi. The young woman’s voice was very beautiful and gentle.

2. Voiced Genshin Impact from Liyue Harbor

There are 10 characters who come from Liyue Harbor. The following is a list of English and Japanese voice actors for the Liyue Harbor characters in Genshin Impact below.

Voiced by the Genshin Impact character from Liyue Harbor in English

  • Xiao: Laila Berzins. This voice actor has a very cool and impressive bass sound.
  • Beidow: Allegra Clark. Captain Crux’s voice sounded like a drunk girl.
  • Ningguang: Erin Ebers. This beautiful Jade Chamber owner had a mature and beautiful voice.
  • Xiangling: Jackie Lastra. The beautiful chef of Genshin Impact who has a beautiful soprano voice.
  • Xingqiu: Cristina Vee Valenzuela. He also provided the English voice for Bennett’s character.
  • Chongyun: Beau Bridgland. Her voice sounded very warm and welcoming.
  • Qiqi, Keqing, and Tartaglia: Not yet announced.
  • Paimon’s English voice actor has yet to be announced.

Voiced by the Japanese version of Genshin from Liyue Harbor Impact

  • Xiao: MATSUOKA Yoshitsugu. Thisdubberhas a sexy bass sound.
  • Beidow: KOSHIMIZU Ami. His voice sounded cool and honest.
  • Ningguang: OHARA Sayaka. This lovely shop owner has a charming voice.
  • Xiangling: OZAWA Ari. His voice sounded very sweet and cheerful.
  • Xingqiu: MINAGAWA Junko. This young man has a sweet and gentle voice.
  • Chongyun: SAITO Soma. His cool voice matches the character’s appearance.
  • Qiqi: TAMURA Yukari. He has a beautiful and soft loli voice.
  • Keqing: KITAMURA Eri. This voice actor has a deep and sexy tone.
  • Tartaglia: KIMURA Ryohei. His voice sounded a little warm and a little harsh. But still sexy.
  • Paimon: AOI Koga.

Those are some of the list of character voices in thegameGenshin Impact and a brief review.Game developer, miHoYo, choose the best voice actor to bring the sensation of playingthebestgameto his fans.

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