How To Live Streaming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang On Facebook

Adding your coffers of income can now be done by streaming our favorite games. Including one of them is MOBA made by Moonton, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Moreover, users can now live streaming quite easily without the need for sophisticated equipment like professional streamers. Even with just a cellphone, you can do it.

How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on Facebook
How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on Facebook

Apart from YouTube, which is already inhabited by well-known streamers, Facebook can be a great alternative to live streaming Mobile Legends. What’s more, this platform has also been integrated with the MOBA game.

Overall, there are many ways that users can do live streaming of Mobile Legends on Facebook. These include using built-in application features, utilizing third-party applications, and using additional equipment.

For those of you who are still confused, here are some ways to share Mobile Legends live streaming on Facebook that can be considered according to your needs.

Unblock Streaming Services

How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on Facebook

Take advantage of the features in the game

  1. Enter the Mobile Legends application
  2. From the main page, click the Live button in the panel on the left side of the screen
  3. Click the My live channel (Go live) button in the top right corner
  4. Then change the position of the Live Stream slider button to the On position
  5. After that, press the back button on the top left side of the screen
  6. Go to the Other Platforms section
  7. If a warning appears to create a YouTube channel, select Got It because you don’t need it for live streaming on Facebook
  8. Move to the Facebook tab by tapping the appropriate option at the top
  9. Give the broadcast title in the Live Stream Title
  10. Change the desired video quality in the Video Quality option
  11. Turn on the microphone and camera if needed
  12. Press the Start Live Streaming button
  13. For the first time, you will need to be logged into Facebook later
  14. After that, press Continue as [Your Username].
  15. Set who can see it by changing Friends , Public , or Only Me
  16. Finish by pressing OK
  17. If an access request appears, select the option to allow it
  18. After the Online indicator appears, the streaming has been successfully carried out
  19. When the streaming is complete, you can visit the Facebook tab again and press the appropriate button

This first method is indeed the easiest of the many methods to stream to Facebook. It’s just that for those of you who plan to monetize (get money from broadcasts), the built-in features of Mobile Legends are very limited.

As a more complete option, you can use third-party applications such as Omlet Arcade. This service, which can be downloaded via the Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store, is specifically designed to make live broadcasts to various platforms.

Not only for broadcasting Mobile Legends, this application can also be used in many other popular games such as PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Arena of Valor, Minecraft, and so on.

It should be noted, using third party applications such as Omlet Arcade to broadcast unfortunately requires more resources (especially RAM) to run smoothly.

If you have narrow RAM, applications and games can run less optimally. Some users in several forums even complained that they couldn’t activate the Streaming feature when many applications were running.

In order to look more professional and get coffers of opinion at a later date, you can also build a special game fanpage on Facebook and then adjust the streaming to that page.

Apart from using the Omlet Arcade application, more professional broadcasts can also be done by using the Capture Card, which is now widely available on the market with prices starting from IDR 200,000.

However, to use the Capture Card, you need a special encoder such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and further setup using a laptop or computer with qualified specifications.

Using the Capture Card

  1. Prepare a capture card, computer, and converter cable from the cellphone port to HDMI
  2. Enable developer options on the phone
  3. Connect the cellphone, capture card, and computer
  4. Download the OBS app from
  5. Install then set up the OBS application by opening Settings in the lower right corner
  6. Select the Output option
  7. Change Output Mode to Advance and Encoder to H264 video encoder
  8. Change the Bitrate according to your internet upload speed (calculated as 20 percent of the maximum number and it is recommended to touch 4,000 Kbps or 4 Mbps)
  9. Set Keyframe Interval to 2
  10. Go to the Video tab
  11. Change Resolution with a maximum option of 720p at 30 fps
  12. Click Apply then close the Settings page again
  13. Right click on the Scene box  and select Add
  14. Give it a name and click OK
  15. You can create more scenes if you want to share multiple views such as the loading page and the main page
  16. Select the scenes to set
  17. Click the plus sign (+) in the Source box
  18. Select Video Capture Device
  19. Give it a name so it’s easy to remember then click OK
  20. On the Properties page that appears next, change the Device to the capture card used and click OK
  21. You can also add the source from the webcam, in the same way, to show your face while playing
  22. Don’t forget to change the Device to the appropriate device
  23. Open a Facebook account or fanpage via a computer browser
  24. Click Live Video from timeline
  25. Tap the Use Stream Key button
  26. Copy the key stream shown at the bottom
  27. Open OBS then click Settings again (don’t close Facebook)
  28. Go to the Stream section
  29. Change the Service to Facebook Live
  30. Paste the stream key from Facebook into the appropriate column then click Apply
  31. Start an OBS broadcast by tapping Start Streaming in the menu in the lower right corner
  32. Return to the Facebook page in the browser
  33. Write a broadcast description and then click Go Live

The last option of Mobile Legends live streaming on Facebook is the most capable option and is widely used by professional streamers to provide content on their fan pages.

In this last method, you can also stream Mobile Legends to a number of broadcast platforms other than Facebook, such as Twitch and YouTube. Of course, by changing a few settings in it.

The three methods above are only some of the methods that can be used to stream live on Facebook pages. My advice, choose the method according to your needs and don’t hesitate to ask in the comments column if you encounter difficulties.

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