How To Play Mobile Legends On Overseas Servers

Who doesn’t know the legendary mobile game? The moba game, which is very popular, is one of the most played games by all circles, from young and old.

The mobile legend allows the players to choose the best hero to play and then they will be gathered as a team with the opposing team. But in the legendary mobile game, strategy is very important to determine which team will win.

How to Play Mobile Legends on Overseas Servers
How to Play Mobile Legends on Overseas Servers

How to Play Mobile Legends on Overseas Servers

Mobile legend is a very widely played moba game with a total of more than 50 million downloads worldwide. Therefore the mobile legend system will separate the server from the countries.

Suppose we play in Indonesia, then we will meet players who come from Indonesia as well to become a team or an opposing team

With this server separation system makes it difficult for us to find players from other countries’ servers. For example, if we play in Indonesia, we will not be able to meet mobile legend players from European countries, India and Japan.

But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do, because here we will discuss how to play mobile legends on foreign servers. Please refer to the steps below.

Before going to the step-by-step section on how to play mobile legends on foreign servers, maybe someone will ask the reason why you have to change servers to other countries?

This is done so that we can meet players who are still beginners or noobs. Many Indonesian mobile legend players also know that many of the world’s pro players come from Indonesia.

Therefore, the goal of replacing the legendary mobile server abroad is to get victory easily for fighting weak players from other countries.

How to change the Mobile Legends server to Europe, Japan & India

VPN is one way to be able to replace the legendary mobile server. But before practicing this, replacing the server with vpn could make the ping go up. For example, when playing on an India server, ping/ms is 120-240ms. However, if you are lucky, you can get a good ping.

Here’s how to change the ml server:

  1. First download and install the VPN APK.
  2. Here we will try Nord VPN and play in India.
  3. Open the Turbo VPN Application.
  4. Click on the top right corner of the globe logo.
  5. Choose India.
  6. Click Connect or connect.
  7. Then just open the Mobile Legend game and the server will automatically move to the Indian server
  8. If the flag of our team is against the majority of Indian flags, then you have succeeded in changing the mobile legend server to the Indian server.

And that’s how to play Mobile Legend on European, Japanese & Indian servers using a VPN. If anyone wants to be asked about tips on how to change the Mobile Legends server, please leave a comment below.

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