Logout WhatsApp Account On Phone | WhatsApp Chat Backup

Logout WhatsApp Account on Phone: WhatsApp is a messaging / chatting application for Android smartphones that functions to send text messages, images, videos, audio and document file formats.

Logout WhatsApp Account on Phone
Logout WhatsApp Account on Phone

Logout WhatsApp Account on Phone | WhatsApp Chat Backup

WhatsApp doesn’t use SMS fees, but enough with internet data on your smartphone or Wi-Fi. Almost everyone seems to be using WhatsApp, but not everyone knows how to log out of the WhatsApp application on an Android smartphone.

Where is the Logout button on the WhatsApp application?

WhatsApp itself has a very simple appearance, only contains 3 tabs on the main page. The first menu chats to see messages that other people have sent. The second menu is status to update the status of text or images and see the status of others. The third menu calls contain call history that you have received from your friends who use the WhatsApp application.

Both the regular and business WhatsApp application, in the settings or settings menu you will not find a logout menu or text, because the logout feature is not provided by the WhatsApp application developer itself. I don’t know what the hidden meaning of this matter is, until now the author has not understood it.

If you enter the account menu, you will only meet the menu Privacy, Security, Two-Step Verification, Change Number and Delete My Account. The logout menu is not in the account settings menu.

Then how do you actually log out of your WhatsApp account if at any time you want to change your account or just delete all old messages to make it clean again? Please follow the guide below carefully and thoroughly so that you can succeed without error.

Backup WhatsApp Data Before Logout

Before you log out of your WhatsApp account, it would be nice to do a backup first so you don’t lose 100% of the data on the old WhatsApp account. Here are the steps:

  1. On the WhatsApp menu, select the Settings menu
  2. Enter the Chat menu
  3. Click the Backup Chats button
  4. Wait for the process to be 100% complete.

For those who haven’t set up email to back up their account, please set it up first via the menu after Google Drive.

How to Logout WhatsApp / How to Get Out of WhatsApp

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Then select Applications -> Application Manager -> select the WhatsApp Business application.
  3. After finding the WhatsApp application, please click it to open application details. You will find a capacity measure and several buttons such as force stop, delete the WhatsApp application and delete data.
  4. Click on the clear data button then clear cache to make WhatsApp data on your smartphone clean.
  5. In this way, you have successfully logged out.

That’s the best way to log out of an account on the WhatsApp application on Android. After logging out successfully, you can try adding a new account or changing accounts with another cellphone number on the same smartphone.

The most important thing is to clear data and clear cache, not delete the Whatsapp application. If you already deleted the WhatsApp application, then you have to re-download it via PlayStore.

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