How to Get Main Mode Power Armor in PUBG Mobile

Power Armor is a new mode in the PUBG Mobile game that will be available on Livik. Here, players will experience a more challenging, but exciting battle. Here are some tips and tricks for playing Power Armor Mode.

Tactics in PUBG Mobile's Power Armor Mode
Tactics in PUBG Mobile’s Power Armor Mode

Tactics in PUBG Mobile’s Power Armor Mode

This new game mode will allow players to use dominant skills and leap and dash in Livik. There is a set of strong armor that can be made using a special machine and allows players to fly.

Players must use Nano Crystal to make armor. To get these crystals, players can find these crystals on the map. In addition, players must go down near the Matrix Base location so they can quickly get crystals and make Power Armor.

There are three pieces of armor, arms, vest, and legs. Each of these parts needs a blueprint and 1,200 Nano Crystals. The complete set of armor will protect players and reduce damage from enemy attacks. Players can only fly for a limited time because this armor needs a few seconds of cooldown to refill energy.

Moreover, this armor set is also good for attacking. Armor Arm has a special Heavy Punch skill to kill enemies with a single punch. In addition, this vest also has Overload skills that help increase backpack capacity.

Players can search for more bullets and crystals to create new armor sets. In addition, his feet have Dash skills that make players move faster.

This armor helps players move to higher ground quickly. In addition, players can jump and shoot enemies that are exposed to walls. In addition, Armor Arm also has Dragon’s Breath Grenade to shoot down enemies with grenades.

This new game mode also has many interesting features in the Matrix event, such as Combat HotspotAirdrop Supplies, and Life Detector.

  • Combat Hotspot: Allows players to search forMatrix Crate loot items at hot-drop locations.
  • Airdrop Supplies: Enables players to get lots of strong supplies in the airdrop.
  • Life Detector: Players can scan living things around using this tool.

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