How to Make Facetime Video Calls With Android

You can make a FaceTime video call between Apple and Android devices officially with the new feature available to everyone from iOS 15

How to Make Facetime Video Calls With Android
How to Make Facetime Video Calls With Android

How to Make Facetime Video Calls With Android

Apple with the presentation of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 have opened to video calls between devices other than those of the Apple world and it is finally possible to make FaceTime calls also on Android and Windows devices using the functionality available in the latest version of its operating system.

In fact, you should know that only in the version of the Apple operating system for mobile devices released in September 2021, it is possible to make video calls using the proprietary protocol integrated in the FaceTime app and also use Android and Windows devices as well as Apple ones but with some limitations.

In fact, you can use FaceTime on Android and Windows only if someone invites you from a device with at least iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 and therefore you cannot create a video call from your non-Apple device.

Then you can be added to the video call only if they accept you in the video call otherwise you will always remain on hold.

The beauty is that this feature allows you to create a link to share and make video calls using Apple’s FaceTime and video calling from Android and Windows operating systems but also by opening any browser and inserting the link from your computer.

How to make FaceTime video calls with Android and Windows

In order to use this feature you must necessarily have installed iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 and later and then open the FaceTime app which among the various options will also have those ” Create link “.

Clicking on it will generate a shareable link via email, WhatsApp or other so that the user can enter the video call if he has the link.

How to join a FaceTime call on the web, Android, or Windows

  1. If you receive a link to a FaceTime call, you must click on it to open it
  2. Enter your name, then select Continue (allow access to microphone and camera)
  3. Select Join and wait for the organizer to join you on the call
  4. Select Leave to leave the call.

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