How to Make Money on Axie Infinity?

Fans of computer games can not only entertain themselves now but also earn real money. It’s possible thanks to the launch of the Axie Infinity online game.

How to Make Money on Axie Infinity?
How to Make Money on Axie Infinity?

How to Make Money on Axie Infinity?

According to the expert prediction, it’ll be the most popular game in the NFT market this year as well. You can breed unique creatures Axies and fight, getting rewards when you win. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Before you get started, you are recommended to learn about the distinctive features of the game and find out how to make money on Axie Infinity.

Let’s discuss all possible ways to make the most out of the game in the guide below. There is a list of three main strategies for making money.

Strategy 1: Just Play the Game and Get Tokens for Each Victory

After you make it clear what is Axie Infinity, you need to download the game on your iPhone or some other mobile phone. The system supports both iOS and Android, but you may need an update of the system to start playing the game.

Register, create your account and buy three Axies. It’s the minimum to enter the game. There are three main ways how to earn money in Axie Infinity. They are passing quests, PvE, and PvP modes.

  • Users are offered to pass through a quest that consists of 10 games. In case you pass them successfully, you will get as much as 50 $SLP and $10.
  • In this mode, you can earn a token for your victory in the fight with monsters. Battles become complicated at each next level. The maximum amount you can earn per day is $20.
  • It’s the gameplay that allows you to fight with other users and earn crypto. The amount you can earn in the match depends on the rating. The higher your status, the larger your reward. You can earn up to $6 for the victory.

How to start playing Axie Infinity? You need to go to the marketplace and select the 3 best Axies at an affordable price. The average cost for the team that consists of 3 Axies is about $1200.

Strategy 2: Breed Axies and Sell Them

Let’s talk about one more way to earn legit income while playing the game in our Axie Infinity review. According to the next strategy, players can earn money from breeding and selling their unique creatures. It’s as easy as ABC. You just need to choose two of your Axies and click on the option “Let’s breed.”

After you confirm the transaction, you will get an egg. In 5 days, you need to click on “Morph to Adult,” and you will get an Axie. Now, you can sell it.

Strategy 3: Exchange AXS and SLP to Other Currencies

You can earn money by providing liquidity for AXS and SLP tokens. You will get passive income from commissions that traders pay for the exchange of tokens.

For example, each time someone exchanges AXS to ETH coin or vice versa, you earn on the commission. You’re recommended to learn about liquidity mining to have a clear picture of how liquidity pools work before you get started.

Now, you have a better understanding of how to make money playing the most popular online game Axie Infinity. Check more detailed information on the game in the Axie Infinity review on TopNFTCollections to be aware of the smallest nuances.

Besides, you can follow the latest NFT news and check the list with the most promising NFT authors. The more well-informed you are, the more chances to become a successful NFT game player you have.

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