How To Make Notes On LINE

As you probably already know, we can make notes on LINE, either in personal chat or in LINE group chats. For those of you who recently used the LINE application, and maybe you are still confused about the existing LINE features, it is only natural that you might not know how to use this note feature.

How to Make Notes on LINE

On LINE there are many different features that are not found in other chat applications, so it takes time to get used to the features that LINE provides.

FYI, the note feature or note function is to “change” certain posts to become “notes”, so that the posts are easy to find in the future. So suppose you are in a group that is quite busy, in a day there can be hundreds or even thousands of incoming chats. So if there are posts that are important, you can make certain posts into notes, so that they are easy to find.

Written this time, we will discuss the related “notes” on LINE. Starting from how to make notes on LINE, to how to delete notes that are no longer needed.

Steps to make notes on LINE

Oh yes, how to make notes in personal chat or in group chat, it’s the same.For this example, I’m going to make a note in a personal chat. Just take a look at the steps below.

  • Select one chat or group that you want to create a note for.
  • Then tap the “hamburger menu icon”.
  • You will be taken to a page as below, find and open the “note” menu.
  • Next, you will be taken to the notes page. Here tap “plus sign”, then select the “pencil/post” icon to create a new note.
  • Here you will also see old notes that have been made before, if this is the first time you make a note, usually the page will be clean and empty, but the available menus remain the same.
  • After that you will be taken to the post creation page as below. Write the note after that tap “Posting”.
  • Ok done. At this point, the post will be visible on the chat page, and will also enter thenotepage and can be viewed at any time from there.

Adds existing posts to the note

If there are old posts that are important enough, you can immediately move them to the notes page without the hassle of going through the above process. The trick is, “press and hold” in the posting section until a menu option appears, then select the “save to note” menu.

That way the process of adding notes is actually much easier and faster. You can just post it first in a chat or group chat, then just select “save to note”.

Delete unnecessary notes

After you have successfully created a note, the notes will be saved on the notes page. So if there is a note that is no longer relevant, because maybe for example the note was related to a certain event schedule, and the event has passed, then the note can be deleted, and it should be deleted.

This is so that the notes page contains notes that are important and relevant. Don’t let the notes page contain too many notes, and instead make it difficult to find the notes you need, because there are so many notes there.

OK. Immediately, here are the steps to delete notes on LINE.

  • Open the group or private chat that you want the notes to be deleted. Remember, notes related to the chat page, meaning notes in group A, will be different from notes in group B.
  • After that, the “hamburger menu” is for entering the chat settings.
  • Then select the “note” menu to enter the note page.
  • On this note page, find the note you want to delete. Tap the “dot icon” next to the post you want to delete. Then select the “delete” menu.
  • Then a confirmation box will appear as below, select “Delete” once again.
  • Done. Your note has been successfully deleted.

Ok, at this point you should be quite familiar with this note feature. Although here we have discussed important things related to notes, not all note features have been explored.

For example on the note-making page, in addition to the posting feature, there are “relay” and “camera” features. Although this is not an exclusive feature related to notes, there is a slight difference when accessed via the notes page earlier.

Apart from that there is also a comment feature on notes, and maybe there are other hidden features related to this note. You can explore further in the middle of chatting with your friends.

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