5 Most Popular Chat Applications

Chat Applications: The messaging application is one of the applications that must be downloaded by smartphone users. Because now chatting with the closest people is no longer done by telephone or SMS, but by the chat application.

These are the 5 Most Popular Chat Applications
These are the 5 Most Popular Chat Applications

No wonder if in the application store, there are lots of chat applications that can be downloaded and enjoyed for free with a variety of sophisticated and unique features. But apparently, there are a number of chat applications that are more popular than other applications.

5 Most Popular Chat Applications

So, what chats applications are the most used by users. Here are five of the most chat applications in Indonesia.

1. WhatsApp

The WhatsApp messaging application that is part of the Facebook family. Whatsapp is mostly used for chatting purposes and also used for professional use. Whatsapp web is used for desktop. Download the latest WhatsApp from the below link.

Download Whatsapp

2. Line

The Japanese messaging application Line has a variety of user-indulgent features, ranging from cute look and stickers. Line application is widely used all over the world. You can download the link from the below link.

Download Line

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook released Facebook Messenger for chatting purposes. Facebook messenger is also widely installed on mobiles. Most of the users come from India. Download Facebook Messenger below:

Download Facebook Messenger

4. BBM

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) application has stopped operating. However, due to the study of the most popular messaging applications reported by Statista for the third quarter period of 2018, BBM is still included in it.

This application had dominated the world of messaging in Indonesia before the existence of WhatsApp and others. BlackBerry Messenger does offer encryption that makes it secure.

Download BBM

5. WeChat

Instead of WhatsApp or Line, WeChat has fewer users. This application made by China is apparently still widely used. Use the below link to download WeChat.

Download WeChat

Tell us in the comment box which chatting application you are using.

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