Easy Ways To Make The Latest Youtube Channel 2023

Latest Youtube Channel: Youtube is the most popular social media (number 1) in the world. According to data on the global top sites on alexa; Youtube beat Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media in an average of visitors per day.

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Easy Ways to Make the Latest Youtube Channel 2021

This makes people who access YouTube very much every day, of course we can take advantage of this opportunity to become famous by sharing useful videos in accordance with our talent interests.

Well, there’s no harm in us trying to pioneer making YouTube video content from the beginning slowly or becoming a YouTuber. Already many people are famous and rich only through YouTube. But remember what we need to do in jumping into the world of YouTube is to make others feel they are benefiting from us not just wanting to be able to view it.

But before that you have to create a YouTube channel. YouTube’s YouTube channel will later be a place to hold your videos and your profile. Well here’s how to complete it to create a Youtube channel.

The Easy Way to Make a New Youtube Channel

A. On a PC / Laptop

In making YouTube channels can use many browser variants, one of which is Google Chrome. This time AyGek will provide a tutorial on how to create the latest YouTube channel via Google Chrome, for those who use other browsers like Mozilla, Opera is not much different so it can be followed as well.

1. Open the YouTube Site

Open Youtube.com site , after accessing the site just click Login or Login in the top right corner

2. Log in with your Gmail account

A form will appear where you are told to enter YouTube using your Gmail account. For those who have not created a Gmail account, register first, if you have directly entered your Gmail account with the password.

3. Start to make a channel

Congratulations you can finally log into Youtube using your Gmail account. But that’s still the beginning, your Youtube account still doesn’t have a Youtube channel. In order to have a Youtube channel, just make it by clicking the top right corner (your YouTube account) then click “My Channel”

4. Give the Channel Name

In this step we must provide the name of the YouTube channel for the first time. Give your channel name according to the content that you will create. For example, if you want to create gaming content, use a name that is associated with the game or your game nickname like “Ayman Gaming”.

5. Set the Youtube Channel

If you have successfully entered this stage it has been said that you already have a Youtube channel. But the Channel is still empty or no content at all, so the first step to adjusting your YouTube channel is to provide Youtube Channel Photos, YouTube Album Photos, and Channel Descriptions that you have previously thought of.

Click “Adjust Channel” to set your YouTube channel.

As I explained earlier, your channel still looks empty, so fill in your channel description, attach your channel photo and your channel album. The requirements for inserting a photo album will be explained on Youtube when you click “Add channel header”

Next is the appearance of the Youtube Channel that has been decorated early. The next step is to make a video and upload it on YouTube by clicking on the camera icon.

B. On an Android phone

Now using an Android phone, for phones with other operating systems like iOS, Apple is not much different from just adjusting a little. By using an Android phone to create a YouTube channel, it will be more relaxed, you can sleep, relax on the sofa, etc.

1. Open the YouTube application

Open the youtube application site that is already installed on your Android, after opening the application just press the account icon in the top right corner.

After that the “Account” form will appear, press Login.

Then a lot of your Gmail accounts will appear, select your gmail account. If you don’t have a gmail account that has a youtube account, click the “+” icon in step number 3.

2. Enter Youtube with a Gmail account

If you do not have a Gmail account, register first, if you have entered your Gmail and password in step 4.

After successfully logging into YouTube with your Gmail account, then press the icon of your YouTube account in the top right corner. A “Account” Panel will appear as in step number 5 and then click “My Channel”.

Next, fill in your YouTube name according to what your content.

3. Set the Youtube channel

As I explained earlier, the newly created YouTube channel will be empty. For that the next step is to install photos, install a photo album, and fill in the channel description.

Click the settings icon to adjust the channel (at number 7).

Well, that’s an easy way to make the latest YouTube channel on PC / Laptop and Android phone. Completing this tutorial means you have passed the first stage to become a YouTuber.

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